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Best digital signage trends in 2023

Best digital signage trends in 2023
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We are exiting the strict pandemic restrictions and it’s business as usual. People commute to work and school, shop at retail stores, and go on holidays. Hence, organizations are looking to catch as many eyeballs as possible by using a wide range of marketing activities, including digital signage. In this piece, we will tell you all about the digital signage trends for 2023, which we believe will be relevant in the upcoming 12 months. 


Top trends in digital signage 2023

The global digital signage market is expected to continue growing steadily over the next few years. Meaning we will see a lot more striking advertising out of our homes. Organizations must stay up-to-date with the latest news in the industry to create powerful content that will help them achieve their goals. Here are the top trends in digital signage for 2023:

Dynamic and data-driven content 

Digital signage CMS software systems, like MagicINFO, have developed to the point that they now include meta tags, rule-based playback, and rule-based triggers. Nowadays, businesses can control what is displayed on their digital signage displays by using any sort of data extraction from a device having an IP. 

We anticipate that all digital signage content will be handled without any direct user input in the not-too-distant future. Naturally, you still need to understand what to do with all of these variables and data. There are many opportunities nowadays, but the next step is to evaluate the data. 

Since data analysts have access to such a wealth of information, they will play a significant role in digital signage. Using data can provide you with insights and opportunities. We dive into much more detail on this topic in our articles about How data-driven content is shaping the future of digital signage - part 1 and part 2.

Widgets and data integrations

Automation is an approach to quickly producing material. It is also one of the top digital signage trends for 2023. MagicINFO users can create smart signage content easily with widgets and DataLink. The first is a newsfeed from a frequently updated news source. It can also be a feed from your website or the intranet. The widget only has to be created and scheduled once. 

The second is a clever method of using dynamic content, called DataLink. It links the page in the Web Author's browser to the content from the data source. Therefore, if there are any content changes in the source, the presentation will also be updated.

An automatic feed updates your material without you having to do anything. Consider social media feeds, newsfeeds, stock information, travel information, etc. Connect to outside sources and turn data into aesthetically pleasing digital signage content

The widget webpage is added to your playlist as a content item. And it has been published and continuously updated from its source. Start automating your digital signage content with just a few clicks. That’s not all; you can also make your digital signage dynamic with data integrations.

Sustainability of digital signage

Digital signage is considered an environmentally friendly solution. In our piece about the sustainability of digital signage, we explore the main factors that make smart signage green. We believe it will be more important than ever before to cut down on CO2 emissions in 2023. And organizations can do that with digital signage.

For example, CMSs, like MagicINFO, use less energy which in turn means a smaller carbon footprint for the environment. Moreover, the Samsung Remote Management tool allows businesses to control their digital signage network from one central location. Hence, organizations don’t need to send personnel on-site to take care of the devices. 

We couldn’t fit all the important details about the benefits of digital signage for the environment in this section because it’s such a big topic. However, the key takeaway is that by using this eco-friendly alternative to print signs businesses reduce waste and increase revenue opportunities.

Increased security of the network

We have reached the last item in our ranking of the top trends in digital signage for 2023–increased network security. Security has always been a hot topic among techies, but a growing number of non-IT specialists are looking for extra security measures to protect their environment

Fortunately, MagicINFO has obtained ISO certification, one of the highest international standards developed for security. Companies can take advantage of security features on software, hardware, and user level to make their digital signage network more secure. We encourage you to read our piece about data security and MagicINFO to learn more. 


Other digital signage industry trends in 2023

Now that we have walked you through the top digital signage industry trends in 2023, it is time to tell you what else might be out there. Let’s start with live streaming. With all the necessary elements in place, live display usage is likely to increase for business purposes. Technology will encourage active participation from your viewers in your live streaming. And any content you post will receive a quick reaction. 

Moving on to facial recognition. It may be utilized to grant entry to private or limited areas employing cameras and AI face recognition. There are other non-contact temperature control options available, along with tools for keeping people close to one another and notifying the user when the rules are being broken.

We believe that digital signage in the Metaverse by Meta (formerly known as Facebook) might be another thing around the corner in 2023. Digital signage will be impacted by this because advertising content will play into the future digital economy. However, given the backlash and the current lack of consumer interest, it may take a while before we see digital signage billboards in the Metaverse.


We have reached the end of our piece about the top digital signage trends for 2023. Hopefully, it has provided valuable insights and ideas for your network. We recommend you book a meeting with our team if you would like to discuss your digital signage plans with a MagicINFO expert.

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