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3 options to automate signage content

3 options to automate signage content
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We all like to sit back and relax. But having a successful digital signage network you do need to do some work and make clever decisions to keep it successful over time. This blog is about three very efficient tools that help to avoid as much manual labor as possible. So you have more time to think about improving your signage strategy or plan a holiday ;-) 


Option 1 Use tags

Let's start with the Tag option. When you have to deal with lots and lots of displays and multiple content items, using tags can really bring in some light. You create just 1 playlist, give every content item 'nd display a tag. The display will pick up just the content item which has the same type of tags the display has. So when your content item has the tag 'dog' and the display has the same 'dog-tag' the content item with a cute dog will be published. Having just 1 playlist keeps it all manageable and you primarily work with your content items instead of lots of different playlists for each display or device group.  Curious how it works? Watch this tutorial.


Option 2 Use widgets (apps) 

If you really want to do nothing or as little as possible, why not take time to dive into some automation and use widgets, mostly web pages. Once it's built, an automatic feed keeps your content up to date without lifting a finger. Think of news feeds, travel information, stocks information, social media feeds and so on. Connect to external sources and transform data into visual, attractive content. The widgets' web page, is easily integrated in your MagicINFO playlist as a content item, published and automatically updated from its source. Sounds too good to be true? Well, sometimes it is, but in this case; API > Create widget > MagicINFO > Publish and let the automation begin!


Option 3: Conditional scheduling

Want to really take automation to the next level? MagicINFO has rules-based conditional content triggering capabilities. A great way to be smart with content automation and relevant at the same time. Based on certain 'rules', you can say ' a set of variables', a specific content is published. For example, temperature + time + inventory level =  X type of promotion. By data-tagging content and players, integrated with real-time data from other systems within a business, you can deliver content that is relevant to that moment. And, most importantly, you can just twiddle your thumbs while the system is set up to do all the smart work. With this option you just have to sit and wait for all the fantastic results to come your way. Here's a video about Rule-set to get you started.


For all three options, you have to invest some time in them first. But doesn't that count for everything that is successful in the end? First sow, then reap. Starting with automation and implementing the strategy into the software can be difficult. But once you overcome this hurdle you really can benefit from it. Not only will this give you time to spend differently, but you will be much more in control and get better results. Content automation will provide you the right insights so you just can work on further refining your smart signage strategy. 


Interested in how you can benefit from these 3 options and want to learn where you can automate within your signage system? Why not talk to us about it? Schedule an online meeting with a MagicINFO consultant who knows all the ins and outs of how you can work as effectively as possible with MagicINFO. 



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