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What’s New about MagicINFO V9?

What’s New about MagicINFO V9?
by Joey
3 min read

MagicINFO V9-New features


Samsung released a new version of the MagicINFO software. Today we will discuss the key improvements from version 8. Hopefully, this will help you decide if it is time for an upgrade for your business. 

Here's an overview of the most important changes:



Improved Remote Management and dashboard features

One of the most attractive features of MagicINFO is the Remote Management solution, which comes with MagicINFO Premium or can be bought as a separate license type, the Samsung Remote Management license. With the Remote Management functionalities, you have full remote hardware control from wherever you are and can completely monitor your set of smart signage displays.

With MagicINFO V9, Remote Management was made even more user-friendly. Now, it is easier to diagnose and address the issues/errors remotely. Users can scan and interact with multiple devices by using Multi Screen control to offer an improved diagnosis. In addition to this, with Screen Monitoring, you can control in real-time the connection and the status of each display, by device type. 

Additional security settings have been introduced in V9 as well. A great example is that Remote Control can be disabled from the server, which means that it’s not possible to watch the displays remotely, for security reasons.


Connect S10 and Flip 4/Flip 4 Pro 

One of the main benefits of choosing Samsung and MagicINFO is the in-depth hardware control. A range of hardware devices can be accommodated with MagicINFO: from stand-alone to videowall, from outdoor displays to LEDs. MagicINFO 9 now offers full support for the S10 player. In plus, MagicINFO V9 supports connecting to the newest displays, Samsung Flip 4 and Flip 4 Pro. With the introduction of the displays that feature the latest S10 players in combination with V9, more extensive features, and security options are introduced too. Additional security options have become available, such as Bluetooth lock.

Better SW firmware deployment

Another feature of MagicINFO V9 is the enhancement of how you can deploy SW firmware updates. MagicINFO V9 was enhanced to display, select, and distribute the devices compatible with the firmware files uploaded during deployment. Suppose you’ve ever experienced strange, unexplainable issues with how your content is displayed. In that case, it might be time for a checkup, to see if the displays in your MagicINFO account could benefit from a firmware update. 

Interested in a checkup? Click here to schedule a meeting to discuss the possibilities for what the checkup can mean for your installation.

Increased security and user rights improvement

Nowadays, security is one of the biggest concerns regarding data. This brings us to other additional improvements brought by MagicINFO V9: increased security and better user rights. The first is possible because of the device's built-in Knox security and the extensive security settings the MagicINFO server provides (like Bluetooth and input source lock). Next to that users can be more restricted in user access and by setting your password policy you can ensure that people who don’t have access will stay out of your account. 

New Web Author features 

Another improvement is related to the Web Author. Now, with MagicINFO V9 you can have full customization of your content with a variety of embedded components, built-in templates and clip art, decorative stickers, and stamps, these can make your digital signage project more appealing to customers. Next to that, Samsung has now implemented user rights into the Web Author. This means you can restrict users’ level of access inside the Web Author. Users can now be restricted to only filling a template instead of creating a whole new design. Even the GUI of the Web Author is adjusted based on the level of access. That way you ensure that only authorized people can access and change the content shown by your display and that everything is in line with your brand/ corporate styling. 

MagicINFO is ISO certified

As most of you know, one of the biggest concerns of businesses these days is security threats. Digital signage is no exception. Sophisticated hacks targeting CMS solutions or local devices to display harmful images affecting the businesses’ reputations.  That is why another helpful feature is the ISO certification ISO/IEC 27701 and 27001 that Samsung MagicINFO has had since last year. Given by BSI, a very well-known organization in the field of ISO certification, the certification ensures that Samsung meets the latest security standards for the digital world. 

Would you like to try installing V9 by yourself? Here is a step-by-step instruction to install the software on your premises.


If you are already using the MagicINFO Cloud solution offered by MagicInfo Services you will automatically benefit from the new features of MagicINFO 9. We will inform you more about this soon so make sure to check your email!

Did you like the improved features of MagicINFO 9? Would you like to know if your business can benefit from updating? Schedule a meeting with one of our MagicINFO experts and explore more ways in which digital signage solutions can bring added value to your business. 

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