Data security and MagicINFO

21 March 2019

Data security is an extremely important subject for many businesses. Organisational networks are becoming more and more secure. How safe is MagicINFO and its narrowcasting-system? And is the MagicINFO software suitable for strictly secured networks?

Data via network portals

To get an answer to all of the above, it is important to know which data streams are present. This is actually is relatively simple. A Samsung Smart signage display connects to the MagicINFO server to import the content and configurations. Very specific network portals have to be set open to create this connection, but not all of them. This means that there is only data traffic from the outside going in and no data going out. This is safer!

Data traffic is SSL-certified

All the data traffic between your displays and the MagicINFO (shared) ScreenCom cloudserver is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certified. This means that the send data between de server and the internet browser is coded. This means the login-details, content and links to the system can be used safely. ScreenCom MagicINFO cloudservers are fully maintained by IT-professionals who carry out daily maintenance and keep a very close eye on the servers. Besides the shared MagicINFO cloudserver, ScreenCom also offers the for the option of a private cloudserver. Doing this means you don’t burden your own IT-environment and maintenance and control are carried out completely by ScreenCom’s in-house consultants. If preferred, your private cloudserver security can be made even stricter and is only accessible by a specific department or person, using IP-whitelisting.

On-premises isn’t a problem for MagicINFO

MagicINFO software can be installed on a server in your own IT-infrastructure. This way you keep all the data traffic inside your own network and in most cases, it’s easier to make connections with your own internal systems for content automation or real-time data management. With the on-premises installation, you’re in full control of its use.

Up-to-date server

A clean and tidy home is better to live in, it’s the same with a server. It’s important to update MagicINFO several times per year. Doing this solves critical bugs and you’re using the most modern software. A new version is released twice a year, solving problems as well as adding new features.

Not everything has to be accessible for everyone

MagicINFO controls a wide RBAC (Role Base Access Control) system, which allows you to give certain users access to certain displays within your network. You determine which user may or may not have access to the content, playlist, schedules and devices. By setting up the user roles and authorisations, you are fully in control.

Data security expertise

MagicINFO meets data security standards and offers multiple options to make data accessible. Have a specific situation in mind? Want to gather more information about implementing MagicINFO safely in your secure network? ScreenCom consultants have gained a lot of knowledge about saving and accessing your data safely. Please feel free to contact us for advice.

Source: ScreenCom 

Evelyn Lok

About the author: Evelyn Lok

Evelyn Lok is responsible for marketing and sales at ScreenCom and MagicInfo Services. With a strong passion for content marketing she dives into innovations and trends to inspire others to add digital signage to their media mix. Hoping to get everyone to start or to optimize the use of the versatile software MagicINFO.