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The sustainability of digital signage

The sustainability of digital signage
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Digital signage is often described as an eco-friendly solution for companies. But what makes smart signage eco-friendly? In our expert opinion, green digital displays are those with lower CO2 emissions, remote access, and built-in player. Here, we will explore the sustainability of digital signage devices for businesses.


What are the benefits of eco-friendly digital signage displays?

There are a number of benefits of digital signage over traditional ones. With digital signage solutions, businesses can reduce their environmental footprint while optimizing their promotional activities. Here are the four main advantages of eco-friendly digital signage displays:

If you'd like to learn in more detail about the sustainability of digital signage, you should also read our in-depth pillar page. 

Saves trees and water, plus it reduces CO2 emissions

According to data from Statista, graphic paper production has dropped by nearly 25% from 151,489 metric tons to 115,571 between 2008 and 2018. By a large part because more and more businesses are going paperless, and that includes marketing activities, such as printing countless flyers or placing billboards in numerous locations. 

Paper production is power and water-intensive process. To put things in perspective, ten liters of water are required to make a single A4 piece of paper. The production of that same sheet of paper also produces between 4.29 and 4.74 grams of carbon dioxide. So the sustainability of digital signage is clear - it reduces water consumption and CO2 emissions because one screen can be used for multiple campaigns throughout the years.


Remote access

In a world that values carbon neutrality, it is important to find as many ways as possible to cut down CO2 emissions to a minimum. Eco-friendly digital signage allows you to control what’s on the screen from your computer wherever you are. So, there is no need for additional travel to the display; hence, the company will produce fewer CO2 emissions. 

Moreover, brands can see what is displayed on the screen at any time and adjust it if needed with the help of Samsung’s remote management tool. As a result, digital signage solutions will save your business precious time and allow employees to focus on important tasks. In the video below, our expert colleague, Joey, explains how to reach your signage device at all times using MagicINFO’s remote management feature.


Low energy costs

Companies that choose to implement smart signage solutions report lower energy bills because displays with a built-in player use less electricity. These eco-friendly devices are a cost-effective decision for a wide range of businesses, from retail and hospitality to transportation. You can use handy features, such as time settings to turn on the displays only at specific times, or use a sensor to turn on the stream only when there are people around. These are just a couple of energy-saving tips that we have found throughout the years. 

Furthermore, Samsung digital signage displays are using a system on chip (SoC) solution to improve energy efficiency. Thanks to the SoC, green digital signage screens can display content without any additional devices and this results in lower energy consumption and waste. For example, a 55-inch smart signage display with a built-in player uses no more than 115W, which is considerably low compared to those using an external player.


Easy deployment 

We cannot mention the built-in player on eco-friendly digital signage displays and not talk about the easy deployment. As a matter of fact, the MagicINFO player is one of the main USPs for Samsung smart signage screens. With it, users can easily control what’s on the display at any given moment from any location as long as there is a stable internet connection.

Another reason why businesses go for built-in player devices is that there is one less thing to worry about. And with less hardware to install, there are fewer labor costs. Plus, smart signage displays look super sleek and there are no loose cables in sight because everything is hidden inside the device. 

Are you looking to learn more about the benefits of digital signage? Schedule a meeting with one of our MagicINFO experts and make your business more sustainable using digital signage solutions.

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