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4 reasons why to go for a built-in player

4 reasons why to go for a built-in player
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There are quite a lot of reasons why we love MagicINFO and Samsung smart signage displays. One of them is the built-in player. We believe that having a built-in player sets MagicINFO ahead of the game. And here are 4 strong reasons why. 


1. Fewer things to break, less labor

Having a Samsung smart signage display with a built-in MagicINFO player gives you fewer things to take care of. When you think in terms of deployment, one display is easier to install than adding an external player to it as well. You don't have the extra black box hanging outside the display with cables and everything. It's just your smart signage display that you need to handle with care and maintain. So there's less labor, more joy.


2. Smart signage budget

You'd probably think that the displays are extensively expensive. But that's not the case when you compare it to buying an extra player with every display. So that makes it 2 hardware items instead of one. Meaning more deployment, and more maintenance. Adding this all up we dare to say that with projects that exceed 100 displays this saves easily around 25% of the total budget.

3. Ecologically responsible

Choosing a built-in player means you choose to be eco-friendly. After all, less hardware means fewer energy costs. The usage is not more than 115W with a 55-inch display. That reduces end-of-month energy bills and helps make the world a little bit better.


4. It looks good

Of course, all the reasons mentioned above already are good characteristics of a built-in player. But also Samsung smart signage displays are nice on the eye thanks to this. Because you have a slick display without loose cables or additional hardware mounted. This makes a display just like a lovely painting hanging on the wall. 


Have a look at Samsung Display Solutions website to see the total lineup. To find out which display you can use with MagicINFO, there's also a blog that answers this question. 


So if you are looking for a cost-effective, efficient, and great-looking signage solution? Think about MagicINFO with Samsung hardware. This empowers you with a CMS that can be configured to your needs and saves on your total signage budget. 

Are you looking for ways to make your digital signage more sustainable? We have a detailed pillar page discussing the sustainability of digital signage.


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