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3 Findings of the MagicINFO Checkup

3 Findings of the MagicINFO Checkup
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At MagicInfo Services you can choose to let MagicINFO experts check your MagicINFO environment. This is called the MagicINFO Checkup. It’s like a health check for your body, or you could call it a sanity check. What we do is we dive into your MagicINFO account and we analyze it by using an extensive checklist. Afterward, you get a Checkup Report with quick wins and long-term advice. We walk you through the configuration, device status, settings, and how you are using content, playlists, and schedules. 

Now, I advise any MagicINFO user to do the CheckUp on at least, a yearly basis. This can prevent vulnerabilities and potential problems, plus it will give you insights that you can use to smoothen your MagicINFO usage.

There are some points that we see often as a result of the check. And why keep that for ourselves? We care and are happy to share the three most common.


1. Systems are not up to date

During the MagicINFO Checkup, we often see that the software versions are not up to date and hardware firmware is left behind as well. It’s important to keep the system up to date to prevent potential errors, but also so you can easily access the latest and newest features.  Checking if your devices are equipped with the latest hardware is another good thing to do because Samsung brings out new firmware on a regular basis. This is to fix any bugs and to make sure that content publishing keeps running smoothly. Read more about why updating firmware is a good thing.


2. Inefficient content management

We know that MagicINFO end users are mostly fixed on getting it all up and running as quickly as possible. The steps of determining the content strategy, determining users' roles and access, and setting up the right structural hierarchy of devices are often skipped. And we understand that! But skipping this step often leads to various working methods and a messy account with scattered content items and tons of playlists and schedules that can’t breathe. One part of the Checkup is to advise how to deal with this. For all those who are getting started with a clean sheet, we advise the Onboarding - during the Onboarding we help you to get your signage strategy implemented in MagicINFO.  

3. Lack of security measures


During the MagicINFO Checkup, we are sometimes shocked by the state of the security settings. And this starts with changing the password! We are amazed at the number of users who still use the default password! Adjust your password immediately if you recognize yourself in this one. And while you're at it, look at the possibilities of 2FA. A lot can also be set at the hardware level to protect the network and your content. We've already written a blog about how you can prevent your signage system to get hacked. And, if you want to know how the security of your account really is, let us take a look!

I hope these 3 points have given you a push to check it yourself, or just leave it to the experts who know where to look and give you tips and advice to work with.

Want to learn more about the Checkup? Here's another blog about it. 

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