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Why updating your firmware is a good thing

Why updating your firmware is a good thing
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Did you know that by updating the firmware of your displays in most cases unexplainable publishing errors can be easily solved? 


Samsung is constantly improving its solution with new firmware. Keeping up to date is sometimes difficult, but surely needed. When a display is used for some time, errors occur. For example, not being able to publish content or having content with the wrong format on the screen while it's working fine in MagicINFO. Or timers that don't do what they are supposed to do. Mostly weird, not explainable problems without apparent cause. Do you experience strange issues that you can't point your finger at? Let's see if a firmware update can fix it.

When troubleshooting, we often first look at a display's firmware. If it is outdated, updating it can sometimes be the solution that solves the problem. You can find the version of the firmware within the Device menu and choose Software update.

After updating your firmware bugs are disappearing, and the device is reset and ready to receive new settings. Next to this, new functionalities of MagicINFO that comes with new versions can now be used because the two systems are on common ground again. 

If you experience problems, you can always contact support to receive the latest software or to perform a firmware update. Here's a blog about how you can update your firmware.

Would you like to know more about all the things that should be taken into account to make sure your MagicINFO environment is up-to-date with the latest security measures? Then check out this security pillar page

To get a clear picture of the status of your MagicINFO environment including the firmware and durability of all your displays, we can perform a complete MagicINFO Checkup. With this, you get a Checkup Report with all insights and clear action points to make sure your MagicINFO account keeps on running smoothly and you can act proactive. 


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