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Lost Overview? The MagicINFO Checkup Helps!

Lost Overview? The MagicINFO Checkup Helps!
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An overload of content items. Are they published or not? Playlists running on top of each other. Is there a system in this? Only looking at your schedules gives you a dizzy feeling. You'd rather close down MagicINFO and never look at it again. How has your account become like your bedroom when you were 9 years old with toys and books all over the floor? It's time for a change! Let us walk into your MagicINFO environment and get it all sorted out. With a report of quick wins and status insights, we can tell you where there's room for improvement in your MagicINFO account.


This is called the MagicINFO Checkup!


What is the MagicINFO Checkup?

The MagicINFO Checkup is like a health check for your body, or you could call it a sanity check. What we do is we dive into your MagicINFO account and we analyze it by using an extensive checklist. Afterward, you get a Checkup Report with quick wins and long-term advice. We walk you through the configuration, device statuses, and settings, and how you are using content, playlists, and schedules. 


Why is it important?

It's like you want to reorganize your room but don't know where to start. By letting someone else, like a MagicINFO expert, into your account, we look at it from a clean point of view, with years of experience. You get tips to optimize your MagicINFO setup and, if needed, your working method. Here are some reasons why we think having your account checked is a good thing:

  • It will identify vulnerabilities and potential problems in your setup as a whole.
  • It confirms your existing working methods are effective so you can be confident that you are doing it just fine, or not.
  • It provides insights into whether your signage system is up to date - including firmware and more.
  • After the report, you can work on optimizing your account -  and do it well-organized.
  • You get insight into new features that came with new versions that you could have missed. 


How does it work?

A Checkup roughly consists of 4 steps:

  1. Inventory call
    When you choose to open your doors, it will all start by having an inventory call. With this, we want to get some insights into the goal you have with signage and why you choose to do things the way you do them. And it's also a good moment to get common ground on expectations. This is also a good moment to see if we need to sign any NDAs to confirm our good intentions.

  2. Start Checkup
    We create an account in your MagicINFO environment and based on a well-thought-out checklist we go through every facet of MagicINFO.

  3. Delivering the Checkup Report
    When we are done checking, we create a report that shows you the things we checked and provides you with a list of improvements/ security options to implement and workflow that will be more efficient to use.

  4. Follow up call 
    We won't let you just run around the bushes after emailing the report. We schedule a follow-up call where we highlight the important takeaways. And then it's up to you to decide what you want to do with it!


Are you a MagicINFO end user and want to learn where you can optimize your MagicINFO account and see what your current MagicINFO status is? Contact your MagicINFO specialist for more information or easily order the Checkup online using this link. To be honest, sometimes it's just easier if someone else tells you what to do rather than you doing it all by yourself ;-)


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