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Don't get your signage hacked!

Don't get your signage hacked!
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You really don't want your signage to be 'compromised' and show inappropriate content or just anything that's not your message. You constantly need to be aware of the danger that's out there and make sure your signage network is safe and secure. 

Do you wish to know more about how to protect your MagicINFO environment? Read our pillar page about security measures to take into account for your digital signage software.

There are a couple of things that you can do yourself as a User in terms of keeping hackers away from your system. Here are some tips:


Change your password regularly

It's a bit of an open door, but it's really important to change your password on a regular basis. Within MagicINFO you can set up a password policy so your users need to change their password regularly and get notified to do so. Follow this link to learn where you can find this feature in MagicINFO.


Create a difficult password or use a pass-sentence

It's' good to have a password that contains a combination of capital letters, small letters, and symbols. The longer it is, the longer it takes to hack it (think years and years...). Within MagicINFO, you can choose a password that consists of 10-50 alphanumeric characters, or a password of 8-50 characters using a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Do not choose a word or sentence that's too obvious and always, always change the default password or the one that's provided by creating the account. Feeling all itchy now and a bit concerned if your password is strong enough? Here is how to change your password in MagicINFO.


Use two-factor authentication

MagicINFO offers two-factor authentication, a feature that you can use to really protect your signage system from anyone who's not authorized to login into your system. With this set, you have to use a code that's sent to you personally after login in with your password. Fill in the code and you're in. Here's what you need to do to turn on 2FA.


Restrict user rights

Not everyone needs to have access to all sections of MagicINFO. MagicINFO controls a wide RBAC (Role Base Access Control) system, which allows you to give certain users access to certain displays within your network. You determine which user may or may not have access to the content, playlist, schedules, and devices. By setting up the user roles and authorizations, you are fully in control.


Ease your life with a Password manager

At the office, you have to log in to all sorts of systems and tools to do your job. And, if you've done it right, you have a specific password for each system. It's difficult to remember all the different passwords. There are several programs, so-called password managers, that can help you create a secure password and manage all your passwords at the same time. 

SSL, strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, account lock after a number of failed log-in attempts, and log-in notifications are just some of the basic security standards that MagicINFO offers to keep hackers out, but it's up to you to keep your signage system in safe hands.

Want to know more about the various security measures, contact us and talk to one of our consultants. They can look into your specific situation and see what you can do to reach the highest level of security. 


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