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From strategy to implementation

From strategy to implementation
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Having the best signage solution and fine-looking displays does not guarantee a successful signage project. A well-thought-out plan and a strong project team with strategists, designers, and technical know-how will be the other ingredients to a successful implementation.That is what contributes to your signage goals. Often companies come with great signage plans, but when it comes to actual implementation, it gets complicated. A signage system like MagicINFO can do a lot but needs the human touch. So, when you have your signage strategy written down, content creators anxious to design mind-blowing content and IT sorts out the capabilities of the software, it comes down to the right translation of your strategic plan into software set up

There is a lot of information to find about how to work with MagicINFO. An extensive manual, YouTube tutorials, knowledge base, support desk. But you can't find how YOU need to do things in MagicINFO. There's no simple answer online or best practice to copy. MagicINFO comes with a bunch of features that could be hard to understand, tweak, and configure. Making it difficult for users who are not familiar with it. It takes time and effort to learn these features and choose your perfect way of working that's in line with your strategy. 

This is where MagicINFO Onboarding comes in. 

MagicINFO Onboarding is the process of configuring your MagicINFO account and making it ready to use. The process incorporates a step-by-step plan and training session that helps you get familiar with the outlined setup. You can say that the ultimate goal of MagicINFO Onboarding is to provide you with all the necessary assets you need in order to get your business on the right track in the least possible time. If you start setting up MagicINFO on your own, you probably do it successfully but that can take some time in trial and error efforts. 

During a 6-step program, we help you determine your goals and needs, work out an outlined method and implement it into your MagicINFO account. This training teaches you how to work with it and you get technical support to ensure that you are ready to fly away. Within four weeks your account is fully configured, running and you learn on how to work with it yourself.

We recommend MagicINFO Onboarding to anyone who is just starting MagicINFO or wants to change their current way of working and start over again. 

Just opt for our MagicINFO Onboarding program because this will kick-start your signage project and give you all the basic foundation you need to build on. You  easily order MagicINFO Onboarding online and our consultants will contact you taking you on board

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