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Migrate from MagicINFO on-premise to Cloud

Migrate from MagicINFO on-premise to Cloud
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In recent years, MagicINFO Cloud has turned into a much more affordable solution for many businesses. Hence, we see a trend among our customers to migrate from MagicINFO on-premise to Cloud. In this piece, we will explore the top 5 reasons to move to the cloud-based solution to help you decide if the switch is the right step for your business.

Reasons to move to a cloud-based signage solution

On-premise vs cloud signage solutions is a huge topic, which is why we previously created a detailed comparison between MagicINFO cloud and on-premise. In this article, we will solely focus on the reasons to move to a cloud-based signage solution, those the following:


Utilizing digital signage can do wonders for your business. However, it can come with a hefty cost when you opt for an on-premise solution. On the other hand, you can drastically reduce your costs by using a cloud solution for digital signage needs.

While cloud services typically have subscription payment plans, this option can save you a lot of money in other areas. With the cloud, you eliminate the need to hire an IT team/specialist to maintain the network because you can outsource this to your service provider. 

Easy deployment 

Make sure to consider the differences between MagicINFO Cloud and local installation when you are first starting with digital signage. For example, the on-premise installation would require you to have a server (physical or virtual) for the signage software and IT personnel to monitor and maintain the network. 

On the other hand, cloud users can take advantage of easy deployment. Let’s say you run a small family-owned business like a restaurant and want to have a few digital signage displays. In the best-case scenario, the entire setup can be done within a couple of hours when using MagicINFO Cloud.

Scalability and flexibility

With MagicINFO Cloud, you can easily scale up your network or find flexible solutions for your specific signage needs. This is just another reason why some businesses choose cloud-based solutions over on-premise. Let’s take another look at our lovely family-owned restaurant example.

The business is expanding and they are opening a new location that also needs digital signage displays. With MagicINFO Cloud, the family can easily expand their digital signage network with more displays in the cloud without having to worry about additional server capacity.

Remote management

Remote management is a must-have feature when building your digital signage network. It allows you to monitor and control all of your displays from one central location. As a result, businesses can eliminate the need for site visits or service calls, which will ultimately save time and money.

The Samsung Remote Management tool comes free of charge with MagicINFO Premium or it can be purchased separately and used with any other CMS system. As soon as you connect the device to the internet, you can perform different commands from a remote location.

Convenient, fast, and reliable 

We believe that MagicINFO Cloud is a convenient, fast, and reliable solution that fits the needs of many SMEs. Some of the reasons to use a private cloud for your signage solution include that the private cloud is for one customer only. In other words, you get full control over your MagicINFO server. Additionally, businesses can choose between whether to monitor and maintain internally or to outsource it to the hosting provider.

Hopefully, our piece has helped you decide whether or not to migrate from MagicINFO on-premise to Cloud. If you believe that this is the best option for you, sign up for our cloud-based digital signage webinar and level up your digital signage network.

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