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MagicINFO Cloud or local installation?

MagicINFO Cloud or local installation?
by Joey
1 min read

Undecided yet whether you want to make use of MagicINFO as a cloud solution or if you want to have it locally running on one of your own servers? Here is a list of things that might clarify your thoughts on making a decision.


MagicINFO cloud

With the MagicINFO cloud solution, you do not have to deal with the IT hassle. There is no need to set up and maintain a server, this will all be done for you. With the cloud solution, you basically rent a piece of the server. The price includes the connection, server maintenance, and support. Thanks to the cloud we will be able to solve issues you have really quickly, we will be able to take a look at your content or device on demand. This is why our support is really fast when the cloud gets chosen. The pricing for the cloud is per device per year.

The cloud is a great solution that allows you to log into a website wherever you are.

MagicINFO local

When using the local MagicINFO installation you have to install MagicInfo Services on a (virtual) server that you have to set up and maintain yourself. The software is for free and we will provide you with lifetime licenses that will fully be yours forever. These licenses will only have to be bought once. If you install MagicINFO locally, you will get the first 25 Lite connections for free. For the licenses, the pricing is per connection. Feel free to check the server requirements right here.

With the local installation, you can control security more precisely, determine the network load, and much more. You can also decide to have MagicINFO running offline, in case your server is not able to connect to the internet. Support on local installations can only be done via programs such as TeamViewer.

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