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Why organizations switch to cloud-based digital signage

Why organizations switch to cloud-based digital signage
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We are not saying that cloud-based signage solutions are better than premise-based ones. Because there are certainly good reasons why you should opt for a premise-based solution. Nevertheless, we do see a decrease in the number of on-premise platforms. More and more companies are switching to cloud-based digital signage. Why's that?

In this blog, we list a few reasons that we often hear when we sit down with customers who want to migrate from MagicINFO on-premise to the MagicINFO cloud.

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1. Improved technical base

Where there were initial doubts about the availability of data and performance, cloud technology has now proven itself as a reliable technology and platform. The foundations of cloud infrastructures can handle a high data load without performance issues or data security issues.

2. Strong data security

Getting hacked, and data theft; are things that give your IT department a headache. Where previously people often opted for a premise-based solution, precisely because of high-security requirements, it now turns out to be the other way around. Cloud service providers often have to meet all kinds of security standards, standards that are often higher than compared to private security standards. It is daily business for service providers to monitor and act proactively against security threats. For example, we regularly perform Penetration-tests and the MagicINFO Cloud is ISO certified. The data traffic is also encrypted and the current data as the backups are stored locally using data centers in the EU.

3. Cloud-based has become more affordable

The technology that enables cloud services has become more available. As a result, this can be purchased at a competitive rate and thus the subscription costs for a cloud-based solution remain low. The lower upfront costs and flexibility make cloud-based solutions extra attractive for many. And, if you want, it's easy to cancel if you don't want to continue. This is in contrast to on-premise because there you have the high license costs and the purchase of a server with associated installation costs, upfront. Cloud brings you also flexibility in the scalability of your display network. You can easily expand your network with more displays in the cloud without having to worry about whether additional server capacity is needed.

4. Increased demand for flexibility

More and more companies have discovered remote working. And how annoying it turned out to be, that you had to go to the office to adjust your content or log in via a slow VPN connection and uploading content took hours. The demand for remote solutions within companies has grown and with it, the demand for cloud-based signage solutions. This fast remote access to your signage network is often one of the decisive factors in choosing the cloud over on-premise. Everything accessible online: content creation, monitoring display network, updating software, firmware…it has never been easier.

5. Easy to implement

Where with premise-based solutions you first have to arrange a server, the installation, and the manpower for the setup, it’s more easy with the cloud. In most cases, only the displays need to be linked to the server and then you can get started. If we look at MagicINFO, thanks to the easy-to-use interface, you can also quickly publish a playlist so that you immediately see good content when you roll out!

6. Less maintenance hassle

Wherever you are, you can log in and manage everything without any hassle. The flexibility of remote control is so valuable to many companies. It ensures up-to-date content and up-to-date systems. Most old-school digital signage is simply expensive to maintain, but also labor-intensive. With a cloud service, maintenance is entirely up to the service provider. Thanks to the cloud and its accessibility, they can easily and quickly perform updates and offer support (often 24/7). With remote control, the service party or your own IT can easily carry out work without even being physically near the display. This saves service trips and you are up and running again in no time.


Do you recognize these points and do you want to investigate whether your organization is also ready to switch to the cloud? Then talk to one of our experts. They use a handy calculation tool to see how it works out in terms of costs. But as you can read above, the valuable benefits are not just those with a euro sign for it.

If you want to know more about what cloud-based signage can look like for your business, sign up for our cloud-based digital signage webinar and level up your digital signage network. 

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