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Why choose a private cloud signage solution?

Why choose a private cloud signage solution?
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Choosing a signage solution that suits your needs does not only concern the available templates and an easy-to-use designed interface. The technical foundation, where your data is stored and how the solution is available for everyone who works with it, is probably even just as, or even more, important.

So, it's good to talk about security, maintenance, availability, integrations, and the level of support on your system as well. And, while talking about these subjects a MagicINFO private cloud solution can be dropped at the table as a very good option to consider. A private cloud has many advantages that alternatives such as on-premise or a public cloud solution don't offer. Here are some main benefits.


Private cloud is just for you and you only

One big benefit of the private cloud is that your signage system works in a dedicated environment, in European data centers, where they cannot be affected in any way by other clients in the same environment. You can even grant access to the server using IP whitelisting. So, when you need a high level of security a MagicINFO private cloud is strongly recommended.

Customize your signage solution

When you have your own signage environment gives you the ability to customize it on a technical and user level to meet your business needs. You can update your server whenever you think it's needed. You can choose your own domain, adjust the MagicINFO homepage and give your users more of the feeling of really 'owning' the system and strengthening your corporate identity. Configure and control the system by customizing it. Speaking of customization, a private MagicINFO signage environment gives you the option to connect to other data sources and still be fully aligned with internal compliance regulations and use data-driven content.

Full control of your own MagicINFO server

Unlike public clouds, dedicated clouds give businesses full control over their data and configurations. With a MagicINFO private cloud, you are the Server Admin of your MagicINFO solution, therefore you have full control of managing your displays, adding them, or deleting them. When you have new users or need to change user rights, that's also up to you. You can adjust your system without needing technical support

Footloose or fully serviced

Choosing a signage solution is also about who will maintain the software and be responsible for keeping it up and running. Having a solution that's all on-premise means that you are fully responsible for keeping it up to date and arranging a reliable backup system. With the MagicINFO private cloud solution, you can choose to shift that responsibility to your MagicINFO hosting provider. Monitoring performance is something that you can choose to outsource, as well, or do it yourself with the available MagicINFO monitoring dashboards that come with the private cloud solution.  You can choose your level of responsibility and control it, or you can be fully serviced and don't be bothered by the IT hassle at all and just work on your signage goals. That's up to you to decide. 

If safety, customization, and control are key to your business the private cloud is the way to go.



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