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Looking for easy to use digital signage content management system? 3 tips!

Looking for easy to use digital signage content management system? 3 tips!
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Digital signage is trending more than ever and digital displays are essential in many organizations. Maybe you are also starting to recognize the value of digital signage for your organization. Because you realize digital signage offers many advantages and it is innovative. You might not know the ins and outs of your digital signage project yet, but one thing you know for sure: you want an easy to use digital signage content management system. Not sure which features to look out for? We give you three pro-tips!

1. Complete Content Management System

The content management system (CMS) is the software involved in digital signage that is related to controlling your content. A complete CMS system will take care of the content at all stages, from creation to media player playback, making it easy for you to organize and adjust your content at all times from one platform. With just a few clicks, your content should be optimized and displayed to meet the exact needs of your target audience. Live updates supported by your CMS ensure that all your content remains up to date.

The best complete digital signage software solution will come as part of a service from a digital signage company. This keeps it simple to use digital signage and makes your content effective, and that’s what you’ll want!

2. Easy to implement

Besides a complete CMS you also need to look out for a CMS that’s easy to implement. Your first step is to decide whether you prefer a CMS that you access online and which stores your data on the cloud, or if you’d rather go with a more traditional option, such as a premise-based digital signage solution.

Both of these options offer benefits and disadvantages, so you must evaluate your business needs first. Most organizations opt for cloud-based CMS solutions, primarily for their ease of use. Because with premise-based solutions you first have to arrange a server, the installation and the manpower for the setup, and that is more easy with the cloud.

3. Reliable (but also affordable)

Choosing a digital signage solution is also about who's going to maintain the software and is responsible for keeping it up and running. Having a solution that's all on-premise means that you are fully responsible for keeping it up to date and arrange a reliable back ups system. With a private cloud solution you can choose to shift that responsibility to your hosting provider.
Of course, the investment that comes with your (reliable) digital signage CMS is also of importance. Here, there’s also a difference between cloud-based and premise-based: currently cloud services can be purchased at a competitive rate and thus the subscription costs for a cloud-based solution remain low. The lower upfront costs and flexibility make cloud-based solutions extra attractive for many.

With on-premise, you will have the high license costs and the purchase of a server with associated installation costs upfront.

Explore the endless possibilities of easy to use digital signage

With digital signage, you have an incredible power to get your message across in an entertaining and captivating manner. If you want to find out more about the impact of an easy to use digital signage CMS; download our free ebook!

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