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What is a digital signage system? Here is how your business can profit

What is a digital signage system? Here is how your business can profit
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Wondering what you can classify as digital signage? Actually, you can’t drive down the road, walk into a restaurant, head to an airport or even visit a school without seeing digital signage. Because it’s all around us, the name is a catch-all for all kinds of different technology being used in lots of different ways for different digital signage purposes. Digital signage displays are used for the relaying of any number of types of information. Such as the news, live weather, menus, flights, calendars or advertisements for example.

Definition of digital signage

Digital signage can actually consist of any screen size - or a network of displays - broadcasting any type of content for any reason. We know what you’re thinking; that’s an incredibly broad description! That is also one of the main reasons we understand that if you are looking into a digital signage solution for your business, you can get easily confused. So let me elaborate on the most common ways that organizations use digital signage, if you’re interested in how your business can profit.

Combine entertainment and video

Signage is used to share content that keeps the viewer engaged and entertained. The hospitality industry for example will use digital signage to share live television broadcasts, such as sporting events, as well as special offers. Other businesses, such as dental offices or a town hall, use signage to display content such as news broadcasts or television programs to help waiting customers pass time between services.

Reach audience with audio and visual 

Many organizations and businesses use displays and audio equipment for internal meetings, training, and daily communications with their employees and clients. Digital signage is also used in larger external settings, such as university lecture halls and classrooms, museums, zoos and other venues.

Present persuasive and guiding directions

Signage provides information to the user such as directions, schedules, important updates, and special offers. Airports push instant schedule changes and travel advisories to travelers, as well as directions to various areas of the airport. Hospitals frequently use digital displays to share guidelines and directions to different wards.

Feeling ready to get started with digital signage?

Digital signage has multiple purposes for businesses, from marketing to maps. With digital signage, you have an incredible power to get your message across in an entertaining and captivating manner. If you want to dive into how your business can profit from digital signage; get your vision and objectives straight first and download our free ebook on how to do this!

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