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The benefits of using digital signage in your beauty salons and barbershops

The benefits of using digital signage in your beauty salons and barbershops
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You're starting to see them everywhere: on the streets, in your favorite shops, and now even that fast-food restaurant next door has one of them. They catch your eye every time you pass by them and suddenly there is this buzzing thought that doesn't let go of you: "Should I also buy digital displays for my salon?" 


Read our blog and learn how to use digital signage to improve your customer experience in your beauty salons and barbershops. If you are new to digital signage, we kindly suggest you download our ebook Getting started with digital signage. 


What is digital signage and how can it benefit your beauty salon or barbershop


Digital signage has become quite the thing in the past years and it's likely here to stay.  As more and more businesses are incorporating digital displays into their marketing strategy, it can be challenging to think of new or exciting ways to use digital signage to attract potential clients. A great benefit of having displays in your beauty salon or barbershop is that it will elevate your business and it will show that you are on top of your marketing game.  


Keep on reading to find out how to use digital signage in your beauty salon or barbershop to get the most out of your investment. 

How to use digital signage in your salons 


There are many ways to maximize your digital signage strategy. Depending on your goals with digital signage, you might want to use displays to keep your customers up to date with the latest offers, assist your staff's internal communication, create a relaxing atmosphere, or even use it to put your employees' talents on display. 


Digital Signage Benefits Hair Salon


Keep your customers up to date with the latest offers 


Let's start with the most obvious usage of digital signage for your beauty salon/ barbershop: easily informing your customers about promotions, sales, and price changes. Depending on which software you choose you can easily manage your screens and change your offer as often as you'd like to. For example, if you opt for a MagicINFO Premium license/ MagicINFO Premium Cloud, you can change your content in Web Author and have it up and running within minutes. Hold on for a minute, you might be thinking: "How do I know which one to choose: the MagicINFO Cloud or the license?" We got you covered! Check out this cool infographic comparing the on-premise MagicINFO solution with the Cloud and this blog in which we offer more details about the differences between MagicINFO Cloud and MagicINFO local installations


Boost internal communication 


Another great use for your newly purchased display(s) is to offer assistance to your employees. You can have a display in your staff room where everyone can see their schedule for the day. Also, you can keep each other informed about changes or updates regarding your clients. That way you can prepare well in advance for those clients that require more of your time. 

Create a relaxing ambiance for your clients 


One of the most appealing features of digital signage is that it can offer a perfect blend between the visual content and the audio. If you opt for our digital signage solution, MagicINFO, you'll be able to include music playlists in your content strategy. This way you don't have to worry about what music to play that day or get annoyed at how Spotify keeps playing that one song over and over again. You can read more about this feature in our blog and learn how to use the background music feature to enhance your customer experience.

Put your staff's talents on display 


Finally, let's not forget about yet another fun way to use digital signage for your beauty salons and barbershops: putting your staff's talents on display. If you install one of your displays at the front window, then, in addition to keeping your clients up to date with your offer and prices, you can attract new customers by showing your employee's abilities. You can choose pictures or short videos showing before and after results or showing unique hairstyles. You can also encourage your clients to experiment and try out new hairstyles, like in this video where the hairdresser is playing haircut roulette, allowing customers to choose among several styling options while blindfolded. 

Do you have a digital signage project idea but struggle to implement it? Schedule a meeting with one of our consultants and let us help you level up your business. 

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