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How to use the background music feature in MagicINFO to enhance your customer experience

How to use the background music feature in MagicINFO to enhance your customer experience
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There are many cool features that can help enhance your digital signage game. Last month we covered how to optimize your MagicInfo account. Today's highlighted feature is all about using the background music option available with MagicINFO.

Read on to discover:

What is the MagicINFO background music feature?


The background music feature is an option that is integrated into the MagicINFO Premium or Lite license and the MagicINFO Premium or Lite cloud subscription. It might sound quite complicated to think about how you can set this up by yourself, but it is, in fact, very easy.  

What if you actually have no idea how to play music from MagicINFO? We offer more detailed instructions to help you play music on your devices in our knowledge base article. All you need to have prior to this is a music playlist that you think your customers will enjoy or that will make them associate your store with it. Perhaps you're wondering already, "how can I know which is the right music to play?" We got you covered! But first, let's see why should you use the background music feature in the first place. 


Why you should incorporate music playlists into your customer experience


Generally, music has been used in advertising to stir certain emotions in consumers and to help them make an association between the brand and music. Digital signage can also be incorporated into your business by taking these two trends into account. Using MagicINFO, you can play background music to enhance your customers' shopping experience, which will be discussed in the following section.


 Play Music on Displays With MagicINFO


How to make the most of your music playlist to enhance your customer experience


As was mentioned in the previous section, you can use music to make your customers feel a certain way. You can play music to celebrate the holidays, offer a relaxing atmosphere, or offer an upbeat ambiance. It's all up to your brand identity and target audience. 


Playing music to…celebrate the holidays


As the holiday season approaches you may be tempted to include Christmas music into your playlist. Hence, you can easily fall into the trap of using all too familiar songs that make the shopping experience exhausting for both your staff and your customers. Our suggestion is to avoid typical Christmas music and instead create a playlist with holiday music that is popular in the country where your store is. This can bring in the holiday spirit without being very overwhelming and too repetitive. You can include, for example, top hits from the '80s, '90s, '00s, etc. 


Playing music to… create a relaxing ambiance in your shop 


There is still quite some time left before the holiday season and perhaps you wish to play music for different purposes. For example, if you own a beauty salon or barber shop, you know that music is one of the ways to help your customers relax. But playing music is not just about creating a relaxing ambiance. It can also help you create a more memorable experience for your customers. If you have a salon that specializes in hair coloring, playing soft background music while they wait for their color to set will help them forget about everything else and focus on the moment. This will make them feel much more relaxed when they leave your salon and even more likely to return. 


Playing music to… offer an upbeat unique experience 


What if your brand identity is focused more on offering an upbeat experience? Then you might consider playing pop music and including in your playlist music from the top 100 most popular hits in your country. 

Here is another thing to keep in mind. The volume you play your music at matters more than you imagine. You don't want your customers to feel overwhelmed by the music, right? So why play music at extremely high volume? The optimal volume is somewhere between 40 decibels, which would have your music playing softly in the background, and 64 decibels, which would be a little louder than a normal conversation. 

Did we convince you to try out the background music feature offered by MagicINFO? You can schedule a meeting with one of our consultants to see how you can level up your digital signage game.

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