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Samsung VXT News - Behind-the-Scenes Updates

Samsung VXT News - Behind-the-Scenes Updates
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Samsung Electronics is set to release VXT, a new software solution expected to disrupt the digital signage market by serving the SMB market. Our team works closely with the electronics giant on the development which is why we will be able to provide you with the latest Samsung VXT News. Read until the end to find out our Bastiaan Amsing’s thoughts about the new platform. 

About Samsung VXT 

Most of you have probably heard of Samsung VXT by now, in case you’ve missed it. Here’s how things came around. For a few years now, Samsung has been working on releasing a new software solution, VXT. To achieve its ambitious goals, the company has a dedicated team (separate from its digital signage team) that works solely on the solution. 


Samsung's newest CMS is a digital signage content management solution that is tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Built on Small Office Home Office (SOHO) architecture, VXT CMS provides a user-friendly platform that requires minimal IT resources. 

Samsung has a dedicated VXT team that is separate from its digital signage team, ensuring that the solution is optimized for SMBs. The solution supports external apps and includes MeetingPoint, which allows users effortlessly manage meeting room availability and create interactive content with minimal or no IT knowledge.

VXT also offers a cost-effective licensing option through Samsung's PIRS program, making it a practical solution for external developers and companies to easily integrate their extra addons and widgets on top of the usual content and scheduling possibilities from the Samsung VXT CMS. External companies have an international platform to sell their small solutions within VXT and Samsung will take care of the financial part of it.

Close to Development

Samsung has collaborated with MagicInfo Services by ScreenCom. We are one of two companies that have an add-on solution ready for VXT, which is why our team is involved in the testing process. Bastiaan Amsing, founder and CEO of ScreenCom, is in frequent communication with the Samsung team regarding the roadmap of development of the new software.

MeetingPoint integration allows users to take advantage of the feature. It enables Samsung VXT users to create interactive content, such as wayfinding, directories, and surveys, without any programming skills. The add-on includes a variety of customizable templates and a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to create professional-looking content quickly. Overall, MeetingPoint is a powerful tool for businesses looking to create engaging digital signage content with minimal effort and technical knowledge.

Bastiaan’s thoughts about Samsung VXT 

“The official launch of VXT has been delayed until further notice. However, when it is finally launched, it is expected to disrupt the digital signage market. VXT's focus on SMBs and its easy-to-use platform make it an attractive option for businesses that want to implement digital signage solutions without investing heavily in IT resources. Samsung's collaboration with MagicInfo Services by ScreenCom and its Samsung PIRS program are additional advantages that make VXT a cost-effective and practical option for businesses of all sizes.”

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