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Show the meeting room availability with the Meetingpoint add-on

Show the meeting room availability with the Meetingpoint add-on
by Joey
1 min read

Since more companies are slowly getting back to the office, it's important to be aware of the planning of your meeting rooms. This way to make sure that the rooms are not double booked, to check what is happening on which day, or to plan when to clean the room for the next visitors. There are many reasons why the Meetingpoint add-on will be a great addition to your digital signage setup!


The intuitive Meetingpoint software can be connected to Google Calendar, Exchange/ Outlook, or any other scheduling software that supports (public) *.ics files. Managing the agenda will still be done via the agenda application you are using. Once the agenda is connected, you can show the room agenda for today, but also for tomorrow. In addition to that, you can add the weather information, time, and company logo.

Meeting Room Availability With the MeetingPoint Add-on MagicINFO

You can show 1 agenda on 1 display, or choose to have 1 dedicated display to show all agendas of all meeting rooms. It's great to have all information gathered at one centralized point, to check what is happening when. In addition to uploading your company logo, you can customize the background and fonts too. This is to fully ensure that the Meetingpoint add-on matches your corporate styling, thanks to the custom CSS. 

The Meetingpoint add-on can run alongside any other signage software, but can easily be integrated into your MagicINFO solution. Meetingpoint works on S6 players and higher and you'll need a Meetingpoint subscription per agenda.


Interested to see how it works? Check out the video below.


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