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How to optimize your MagicINFO Account (part 1) - Clean Up

How to optimize your MagicINFO Account (part 1) - Clean Up
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All systems need maintenance in order to function smoothly over long periods of time. That also includes your digital signage network. Our expertise shows that doing certain things can improve your overall MagicINFO experience. Here, you will learn what is the number one tip on how to optimize your MagicINFO account. But before that let’s talk about the dangers of not maintaining your environment correctly.

Dangers of not optimizing your MagicINFO account 

Some users report unexplainable bugs or displays not doing what they are supposed to. Others have a countless number of items and playlists that clutter their account. There are also MagicINFO users that postpone maintenance until it is inevitable which can compromise security. And as a result, hackers might have higher chances of getting through. These are the most common dangers that can occur if you delay optimizing your MagicINFO account. 

How to clean up your MagicINFO account

Files you never use again, files stored in the wrong place, 16 versions of the same item, and so on… It’s always good to clean up once in a while. And that applies to your MagicINFO environment as well. Consider emptying your storage and deleting old users, old firmware, or device folders that are not used. 

Then, work your way up, from Schedule to Playlist, to content items. While you are in the Content section, you can choose to categorize the items so you can easily filter the next time you are searching or cleaning up.

Another handy tip is to empty the recycling bin after you are done deleting items. This will free up more space and make things easier for you in the future. While you doing this heavy task, we recommend you also consider cleaning up your MagicINFO server

Are you looking to optimize your MagicINFO account? Download our ebook with 5 Tips to Optimize your MagicINFO Account and level up your MagicINFO experience. You can also schedule a meeting with one of our MagicINFO experts that will be more than happy to do it for you.

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