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Digital signage training and support

Digital signage training and support
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Working with software might be somewhat frightening at first. You may have too many choices or are unsure of where to begin. Whether you need assistance implementing your new signage strategy or want to work more productively, taking advantage of digital signage training and support is the best way to achieve your goals. In this piece, we will tell you to elevate your digital signage game with training materials and help from the support team.

Digital signage training for businesses

There are many benefits of digital signage training sessions. Arguably, the biggest one is that it will save your business a lot of time and subsequently money, which you can allocate to other projects. Another good reason to learn about your preferred digital signage software is to get a better return on your investment. Businesses can take advantage of free resources and attend paid training sessions to obtain knowledge and certification. 

Free educational resources for companies

Most digital signage software solutions on the market have a rich library of free resources to help you get the most out of your experience. MagicINFO is no exception to this rule. You can find additional information about the leading digital signage solution on Samsung’s website as well as our own because we are the official MagicINFO distributor. 

We have spent over a decade working closely with the electronics giant to learn as much as we can about the software. As a company, we are very passionate about MagicINFO. And we believe that sharing digital signage training materials for free is one of the best ways to help our clients get the most out of the software. We regularly share valuable information about MagicINFO

Paid training sessions with a certificate for employees

In addition to the free educational resources, you can also attend paid training sessions to learn more about your preferred digital signage solution. This will help you and your team better understand the software and optimize your work process. 

At MagicInfo Services, we offer paid digital signage training and support to help MagicINFO users level up their signage game. Businesses can choose from a variety of courses to match their specific needs, like our content training. Here’s a list of all MagicINFO training courses we have available: 

  • MagicINFO Content Creation training: Our MagicINFO expert shares practical tips and teaches you all about creating and publishing content with the software
  • MagicINFO Technical training: Our MagicINFO expert offers know-how and teaches you all about the technical part of the solution. 
  • MagicINFO Onboarding training: It is all about kickstarting your digital signage project and using the software to the fullest. 
  • MagicINFO Checkup: It is designed for businesses that have used the software for a while and want to ensure that the system will continue to run smoothly. 
  • MagicINFO Workshop: A training session with a MagicINFO expert that can be customized to your business needs.

Digital signage support

Good digital signage support is another sign that your preferred software is the right one for your business. We recommend you only work with solutions that offer a 24/7 helpline. This way, even if something goes wrong during the night, someone will be available to assist you.

Most recently, in 2022, MagicINFO won a prize for being the most comprehensive digital signage solution that offers 24/7 support to clients. At MagicInfo Services, we provide personal technical assistance, in-depth consulting (pre-sales), training and support, and free online resources to help MagicINFO users across the world. Recently, we became the 3rd line of support for MagicINFO. Meaning that we assist clients with the most difficult tasks.


Hopefully, our article about digital signage training and support has helped you decide if this is something your team needs. If you are ready to get your MagicINFO account to the next level, discuss the options with our experts and book the training that matches your business goals.

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