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3 Reasons to invest in MagicINFO training

3 Reasons to invest in MagicINFO training
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Yes! You can start with digital signage. Your manager has high expectations and you can’t wait to get started. But then. You log into MagicINFO. However the interface looks user-friendly, and the options and functions available are overwhelming. And now you look at your screen with blank eyes,  like a deer caught in the headlights. Where to start? 

Getting your way around software takes time and effort. While there is a lot of information available online, it can be difficult to filter out what you need and mostly, to find the time to learn the system. Getting proper training from an expert will help you in the most efficient way and is time well spent. This way you can also get tips and tricks that are related to your specific digital signage project.

We believe that training is crucial to effective software learning. These are the three top benefits that we hear from MagicINFO end-users after they had training.

1. We use MagicINFO more

People who get trained use MagicINFO more because they simply like working with it. Knowing your way around the software is enhancing working pleasure because you can get things done easily without any hesitation or annoyance. 

2. We use more MagicINFO features

After the training more MagicINFO features are used. This applies to the content creation process as well as server management. By knowing more about this, you will know how to use the features and this will make you work more efficiently and effectively. Also more accurate and less error-prone. You learn the best way to monitor and which security settings are needed to keep hackers out. When you know the possibilities of the software, you are able to benefit from it.

 3. I work more independently

What we often hear from MagicINFO users who have followed a training, is that they can work much more independently after they get trained. So they no longer have to ask for other users’ time to help them out, search online for the best solution or call on customer support. They can continue working at their own pace and in a nice flow, with a confident feeling.

MagicINFO users out we offer various support and training resources.  We share user tips in our:

These are all resources that can help you get back on track, easily and effectively;

But if you want to become an expert on MagicINFO yourself and work more independently?

Check out the training offerings:

MagicINFO training for content
During the Training for Content, you will get all practical advice and know-how from the MagicINFO consultant. You will be trained to create and publish content. According to a set training program designed for content managers, we walk through the full creation process.

MagicINFO training for IT
During the Training for IT, you will get all practical advice and know-how from the MagicINFO consultant that teaches you all about the technical part of the solution. According to a set training program designed for IT Manager and System managers we walk through all technical aspects.

MagicINFO workshop
The MagicINFO workshop will give you an in-depth understanding of MagicINFO features and is customized to your situation. A combination of explanation and application allows you to get the best out of the software to achieve your digital signage goals.

To summarize: Getting trained is the most powerful way to gain an in-depth understanding of the MagicINFO software and become an expert yourself. It will give you all the tools you need, spend time efficiently and achieve more. 

Is your company just starting with MagicINFO?
Our tip is to get trained shortly after the software is implemented. Timing is crucial for information to stick to and get the software adopted.

Are you interested in discussing the training options for your organization? Just contact us and schedule an online meeting.

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