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Digital signage in your (marketing) strategy? Get objectives straight

Digital signage in your (marketing) strategy? Get objectives straight
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It is quite common for people to make two mistakes when they are setting up a digital signage solution. First is to skip over the step of defining the business objectives that provide a good measurement for the investment. Secondly, is to rush through or completely ignore the discovery process of digital signage which is helpful in shaping all subsequent decisions. Rather skip these start-up mistakes when working on your (marketing) strategy? We will help you in this blog with getting your objectives straight by telling you how digital signage is deployed across a variety of industries for several purposes.

1. Internal communication

Many organizations will use digital signage to connect with their employees and communicate important information. This can be motivational, important dates or statistics, changes to operations or any other information that needs to be shared. Signage is effective to boost employee morale and keep the organization up to date on vital information.

2. Wayfinding

Digital wayfinding helps visitors to unlock access to every designated public area, without having to wait at reception first. Today, directional signage, interactive maps and other tools are used to help guide customers through offices, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, educational facilities, and travel hubs. When placed strategically, the wayfinding signage becomes an irreplaceable resource to visitors.

3. Brand experience

Today’s consumers also expect increasingly digital experiences, either while shopping, banking, dining out or just carrying out other day-to-day tasks. If you do not adopt digital trends, you may be viewed as a bit old-fashioned and less competent than your more digitally savvy counterparts. Digital signage is a key element of any modern customer experience and can be used to elevate the perception of your brand.

4. Advertising

Rather than relying on traditional posters, billboards and flyers, many different industries begin to understand the power of this flexible, easy-to-update medium to advertise sales and get their (potential) customers excited. Digital signage is used in hospitality, travel, retail, food service and other industries to create engaging, fast-paced, and targeted messages that deliver the best return on investment (ROI) for businesses.

5. POS marketing and digital signage 

Good point-of-sale marketing (POS marketing) and signage keeps your customers engaged and interested while they are waiting, which makes for a better customer experience. It also can serve as an opportunity to reinforce their decision about the product they are purchasing, and even upsell them on a potential add-on purchase. But it can also be utilized to educate your customers about your brand membership or loyalty.

6. Digital out of home

Instead of designing single-use banners for a revolving door of promotions, you can easily change and update promotional content on your digital display. Digital signage allows you to eliminate unnecessary waste and keep your guests up-to-date on promotions, events and any other relevant information you want to push to a broad audience.

Dive deeper into the objectives of digital signage

Want to know more about these objectives of digital signage and how to implement them in your (marketing) strategy? Download our free ebook and get more insight information!

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