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YoYo-The MagicINFO add-on to drive customer engagement and make your digital signage installation interactive

YoYo-The MagicINFO add-on to drive customer engagement and make your digital signage installation interactive
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Nowadays, it's more important than ever to think about new, innovative ways to engage your audience. This is because, since the emergence of the internet, our attention has been hijacked by shiny new technologies, leading to a slow and steady decrease in the average person's attention span. It's no longer enough to just show attractive content in the store. Businesses need to bring in another element: interactivity. 

In today's blog, we take a deep dive into one of our favorite MagicINFO add-ons: YoYo, the interactive digital signage solution that will help your business drive customer engagement. Keep reading to discover:


What is the YoYo MagicINFO add-on? 


YoYo, the dynamic MagicINFO add-on, works seamlessly in combination with Samsung's smart signage displays. By transmitting signals to your MagicINFO solution, YoYo responds to event cues, pushing content to single or multiple screens. 

Its operation is fueled by NFC technology, Nexmosphere sensors, or webhooks which act as instigators. These triggers blend with the content created in MagicINFO, which subsequently broadcasts across your display network. In essence, YoYo serves as the essential bridge linking your digital signage installation and orchestrating a visually engaging experience to get the attention of your audience and drive customer engagement. 

An important note to be made here is that YoYo can only work if your Samsung smart signage displays support the S6 or newer players. For an in-depth guide on how to understand the different built-in Samsung signage players, check out this blog post. If you're looking for more information about digital signage hardware, consider having a look at our Samsung digital signage hardware expert guide

How does YoYo work? 

YoYo embraces a variety of sensors to support diverse triggers, such as NFC-triggered content via stickers or tags and Nexmosphere sensors like sonar, touch or physical buttons, air presence, and distance sensors. 

This sensor synergy can dramatically enhance your customer experience. YoYo can launch various content forms, such as images, videos, and webpages, through sensors and triggers to your Samsung smart signage displays. Once published, the content, barring web content, is stored for consistent delivery. 

Furthermore, YoYo quantifies customer engagement and campaign effectiveness by tracking trigger performance and collecting detailed statistics. This rich, vital data can be leveraged for optimizing content and campaign strategies. 

See the YouTube video below for an unboxing and installation guide for setting up your YoYo installation. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, MagicInfo Services, if you haven't already done so. We regularly upload content showing how to use MagicINFO to make the most out of your digital signage projects. 


The benefits of integrating the YoYo add-on with your digital signage installation


Encouraging active participation, YoYo drives customer engagement to new heights, making your digital signage solution more interactive. But the real ace up YoYo's sleeve is its ability to amass valuable data. This harvested information becomes the cornerstone of your data-driven content, offering insights to tailor your displays for maximum impact. Essentially, YoYo not only enhances interactivity and engagement but also provides a data-fueled compass, guiding your content strategy toward success.

Are you passionate about datafication in digital signage? Check out this blog where we outline how to use data and information for effective digital signage management.

Use YoYo to make your digital signage installation interactive 


The use of a distance sensor introduces a dynamic element to your content display. Regular content plays as usual, but when someone enters a predefined area, distinct content - such as product information or a product-specific video - begins to play. Suppose you place a product near a distance sensor. In this case, you can program the content to change as soon as a customer approaches the product, providing a surprising and engaging experience as the content shifts due to their proximity. 

You can experiment with YoYO to capture the attention of a passerby or engage someone standing close to the product or display. This sensor is a valuable addition to retail stores, allowing you to spotlight specific products, whether they are on discount, newly launched, or top-sellers, thus enhancing customer engagement and potentially driving sales. 

 Use YoYo to drive customer engagement  


Another way in which YoYo can be a great addition to your digital signage installation is by incorporating sensors to show more information about specific products. YoYo's Lift and Learn system can provide a significant boost to customer engagement and potentially escalate sales. 

As customers interact with a sensor attached to a product, they're instantly served with tailored information about that item on the digital display. This immediate and personalized interaction piques customer interest, holds their attention, and encourages them to explore the product further. With a deeper understanding of the product's features and benefits, customers are more likely to make a purchase, thus propelling your sales graph upwards.

Here is a video that explains how the sensors work and how they can be used in any retail store to show more information about the products in a more engaging manner. 


Use YoYo to collect data and create data-driven content 


Finally, let's talk about data and how YoYo can help you gather data that can be used to create tailored content. YoYo allows you to gain better insights about your customers. For example, through reports and statistics, you can see how often a product gets lifted, the duration, and the time of the lift. 

That on its own is a great way to gain insights into what sells and what catches the eye most often. But you can do more with YoYo. You can use the information gathered by the system to create data-driven content, focusing on those products that sell the most, bringing the most value to your store, or going in a different direction and finding new ways to promote different products. 

No matter how you choose to use it, the YoYo MagicINFO add-on is a great solution to make any digital signage installation more interactive, driving customer engagement, and collecting, and analyzing data that can then be used to create specific content. 


You have reached the end of today's blog. For more information on how to use digital signage and MagicINFO to level up your project schedule a meeting with one of our MagicINFO experts.

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