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Unlock Automotive Potential with Digital Signage: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Unlock Automotive Potential with Digital Signage: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners
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Table of Contents:

  1. What is Digital Signage in Automotive?
  2. Understanding the Importance of Digital Signage in the Automotive Industry
  3. How to Use Digital Signage in Your Auto Shop
  4. Best Real-World Examples of Digital Signage in Automotive
  5. Wrap Up
  6. FAQs

More and more dealerships and showrooms have recently moved toward digital signage to differentiate themselves competitively and show value to potential customers. 

This technology is an important instrument that helps to capture the target audience's attention with stylish visuals and relevant content. Moreover,  it can be used as the primary tool to compete with other businesses and turn visitors into returning customers. 

Digital signage offers a providential marketing mechanism and operational quality, from high-end showrooms to local auto repair shops. It allows businesses to be creative in cost-effective brand and vehicle designs and easily change the content.

Do you want to learn how? Stick with us!  

What is Digital Signage in Automotive?

Digital signage in the automotive industry refers to using digital displays to communicate information, advertise, and improve customer experience within car dealerships, showrooms, and auto repair shops. 

This technology enables the automotive sector to showcase vehicle features, promotions, and brand messages dynamically and visually appealingly. It can range from interactive touchscreens with detailed vehicle specifications and comparisons to large video walls showing high-definition car models and promotional videos.

The goal of digital signage in automotive settings is to engage customers more effectively than traditional static signage can. It helps create an immersive environment that can influence buying decisions, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline sales. 

For instance, dealerships use digital signage to showcase new arrivals, special offers and available services. Repair shops use it to display service menus, waiting times and educational content on vehicle maintenance.

car digital signage

Moreover, automotive digital signage is not limited to just marketing and sales. It also plays an important role in customer service by offering interactive directories, virtual tours, and personalised greetings. 

This level of customisation and interaction enhances the customer's journey. With its ability to update content quickly and remotely, this medium offers a flexible solution for automotive businesses to stay current with their messaging and adapt to market trends.

Understanding the Importance of Digital Signage in the Automotive Industry

Digital signage has become a trend in car dealerships as it is a convenient way for business owners to communicate with customers. Let's see why:

  • Digital Displays

Digital signage can make anything look fancy, but it is also about talking to customers in a way that grabs their attention. Imagine walking in and seeing all the latest deals and car specs flashing on big, bright screens. This is what we are talking about.

  • Affordable Tech Magic

Once upon a time, digital signs were a big deal, mainly for the tech-savvy or the well-off. But not anymore. These days, they are affordable and accessible, making them a game changer for everyone, from the small garage down the street to the biggest dealers in town.

  • Say More with Less

Ever feel like there is just not enough time to chat with every customer? Signage comes to your rescue - it keeps the conversation going, showing off what is new.

  • Services on Display

Sometimes customers only see some of the awesome services you offer. Digital signage shines a spotlight on your services, making sure customers know exactly what they can get.

  • Quick and Easy

No more walking customers from one end of the lot to the other. Displays can show them everything they need to know, getting straight to the point.

  • Stand Out

In a sea of dealerships, your digital signage is your beacon. Make sure it is displaying something great. With crisp, clear displays, your message will not be seen - it will be remembered.

  • Getting It Right

The process goes beyond choosing the biggest screen. It is about making your message pop and fitting it all together in a way that makes sense to the customer. Think about what you want to show and how best to show it.

How to Use Digital Signage in Your Auto Shop

Digital signage is of considerable value to the automotive industry. Nevertheless, to fully leverage these benefits, it is paramount to learn the way to use this technology effectively. The following are helpful tips to get you going:

  • Minimise Waiting Irritation

Keep your customers engaged and reduce the irritation of waiting. Display fun car facts, entertaining videos and ads on your digital signs to capture their attention.

  • Promote Deals

Did you know a good deal can change a customer's mind about a purchase? Use your digital signs to broadcast current promotions and discounts – a surefire way to generate sales interest.

  • Show Off Car Specs

Ditch the old paper specs. Go digital! Use interactive screens to display detailed vehicle specs. This grabs attention and can edge a customer closer to a purchase.

  • Internal Comms Boost

Digital signs are great for keeping your team in the loop too. Show important updates and sales trends, or even celebrate your employee of the month. It is great for morale and keeps everyone informed.

  • Build Your Brand

Inside your shop, use digital signs to share your brand's story, showcase your team or play customer testimonials. It is all about making a great impression and assuring customers they have come to the right place.

  • Showroom Video Walls

Create immersive experiences with video walls showcasing your brand and product commercials in high resolution.

  • Interactive Kiosks

Let customers explore at their own pace. Provide information on inventory, services, and car customisations with user-friendly kiosks.

  • Welcoming Signs

First impressions count. Use digital welcome signs to greet customers, offer wayfinding, and reinforce your brand with striking visuals.

Best Real-World Examples of Digital Signage in Automotive

tesla digital signage

Audi City Showrooms

Audi's digital showrooms, known as Audi City, use floor-to-ceiling digital screens to display life-size representations of their cars. Customers can interactively customise and explore different models, colours, and features, offering a futuristic car buying experience without needing physical inventory on-site.

Tesla Showrooms

Tesla incorporates interactive touchscreens alongside its vehicles in showrooms, allowing customers to learn about the car's technology, battery range, and customisation options. This approach educates and engages customers, facilitating a deeper connection with the product.

BMW's Product Genius Tablets

BMW introduced the Product Genius role across its dealerships, where staff equipped with tablets use digital content to assist customers without the pressure of sales. These tablets provide detailed information on features, specifications, and BMW technology, enhancing the customer service experience.

Toyota's Interactive Digital Kiosks

Toyota has deployed interactive kiosks in its showrooms that provide product information, compare models, and even simulate the driving experience of their vehicles. 

Mercedes-Benz's Digital Service Drive

Mercedes-Benz uses digital signage to streamline its service experience. Upon entering the service area, digital displays guide customers through the check-in process and provide estimated wait times. This system improves customer satisfaction by making the service process transparent and efficient.

mercedes digital signage

Ford's Outdoor LED Displays

Ford utilises large outdoor LED displays at dealerships to attract passing traffic with dynamic ads showcasing the latest models and promotions. These high-impact visuals help build brand awareness and draw potential customers into the dealership.

Hyundai's Rockar Store

In the UK, Hyundai partnered with Rockar to create a retail store in a shopping mall where customers can browse cars, configure their purchases on digital screens, and even book test drives, blending digital signage with a non-traditional car buying setting.

Volkswagen's Interactive Storefronts

Volkswagen has transformed its storefront windows into interactive touchscreens, allowing passersby to explore models, customise features, and even book test drives after hours, turning the dealership's exterior into a 24/7 digital showroom.

Wrap Up

Whether you own a car dealership or an auto repair site, implementing digital automotive signage can hike up the performance of your business. 

In addition to tackling the conciseness of information and getting consumers ready to discover your brand, it promotes better customer experience and satisfaction, ensuring that customers keep your brand in mind and return.

However, the effectiveness of your digital signage is contingent on the quality of both the displays and the software powering them. That is where partnering with MagicInfo Services comes in handy!

With us, you get a 30-day MagicINFO Software free trial, allowing you to explore and realise the full potential of digital signage within your operations. Contact our team to discover more and initiate your free trial today.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Automotive Digital Signage?

Automotive digital signage is the application of digital screens inside car dealerships and auto repair shops to improve customer experience, display car specifications, promote deals and express the company’s brand message. 

It utilises screens and interactive kiosks to display dynamic content such as videos, images and information, making the automotive retail experience more interactive and informative for customers.

2. How can MagicINFO benefit my automotive business?

By using MagicINFO Software, businesses can manage and display content seamlessly across digital signs, improving customer interaction and engagement.

MagicInfo Services offers a 30-day free trial of the software that allows businesses to experience its benefits without initial investment.  Some of MagicINFO’s perks include easy content management, interactive features, and a rich widgets marketplace offered only by MagicInfo Services.

3. How do I start using MagicInfo Software in my dealership or auto shop?

Getting started with MagicINFO Software is super easy. First, contact the MagicInfo Services team to express your interest and learn more about the software's capabilities. 

You can then sign up for the 30-day free trial to test the software in your automotive setting. During the trial, you will have the opportunity to explore various features, customise content, and assess the impact of digital signage on your customer engagement and brand promotion. 

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