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The differences Between MagicINFO S Player Types: S6 and S10

The differences Between MagicINFO S Player Types: S6 and S10
by Joey
2 min read

What is the MagicINFO S player? 


Today, we will discuss one of the best features that makes us love MagicINFO: the built-in player. When it comes to scheduling content on your digital signage displays, there are many player types to choose from, with different capacities and capabilities. However, for now, we will focus on comparing the most popular player option, the S6 player, with the newest Samsung player addition, the S10. We covered why to go for a built-in player in another post, so give it a read if you are still unsure about choosing MagicINFO.


To begin with, both players are great options and will display your content in high quality. Both offer event triggering, both can be controlled remotely, and both connect to the videowall. So what makes these two MagicINFO S player options different?


S6 Player

S10 player 

Operating system

Tizen 4.0 

Tizen 6.5


Coretex A72 1.7GHz Quad-Core CPU

Cortex A72 1.7GHz Quad-Core CPU

Response time panel

8 ms

6 ms

Storage capacity

6/8 GB

16  GB

The S6 player 


The S6 player is a very popular option, which can be found in many young displays. It is an attractive solution that is compatible with the Premium Licence or Premium Cloud subscription for MagicINFO. 


One of the main reasons why the S6 player is so popular is because it offers a fast response time panel of only 8ms. There is plenty of space for content, with 6/8 GB of storage. The image quality is good, displaying 4k content with no problems. 


The S10 player


With the launch of the newest Samsung signage solution, MagicINFO 9, comes another addition: the S10 player, also compatible with our Premium Licence or Premium Cloud subscription. This player has a quicker processor, Cortex A72 1.7GHz Quad-Core CPU. Moreover, thanks to the operating system, Tizen 6.5, remote software updates are now easier. 


There is a big reason to opt for displays with the S10 player option: more security settings in Web Author. You can lock HDMI inputs and/or a Bluetooth lock to secure your displays in many ways and have full control of the content shown on the display. Also, in combination with MagicINFO V9, you can lock remote control directly from the server. 


Another advantage the S10 player offers is that you can create 4k content which is only possible with MagicINFO V9. The benefits of the S10 player compared to S6 are therefore also due to its compatibility with V9. 


The storage of the S10 player is also higher, with 16 GB of memory. The response time is now only 6 ms. Additionally, the overall look and feel of the displays that come with this player have improved, giving a more modern look with slimmer bezels. 




All in all, there certainly are some differences between the MagicINFO S player options. The S10 will show the content quicker compared to the S6, it offers improved image quality and better security options. Still, the S6 player is a good option for those just starting out with signage or those that do not yet see a reason to upgrade to a newer solution. 

Do you want to incorporate digital signage into your business? You can schedule a meeting with one of our MagicINFO experts and get the help you need to have a successful signage project. 

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