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Digital signage displays: this is how they work

Digital signage displays: this is how they work
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You might have heard that it is “oh so easy” to display content on a digital signage display. Which might be frustrating, if it feels not that simple for you. Don’t worry, we can relate to the fact that it is not always that easy to understand if digital signage is not your core business. That’s why we will explain in this blog how you can show information and media to a targeted audience on a digital signage display. And we’ll stick to the basics, because that’s all you need to know to get started!

How digital signage works 

Digital signage's content is powered by a media player or system-on-a-chip which pushes content such as digital graphics, video, streaming media and information to a display. Users can then manage and edit the content with a content management system, either on-site or within the cloud to change up content on the fly.

How is digital signage accessible?

  • Cloud-based digital signage solution

    This solution is accessible via the internet and the content exists on a server hosted in the cloud. The benefit of a cloud-based solution is that content can be uploaded (securely) and edited anytime and anywhere and often. This also offers increased scalability, as an updated schedule can be pushed out to multiple screens simultaneously at the touch of a button. Cloud-based solutions are often subscription based, which offers more flexibility for your organization.

  • Premise-based digital signage solutions

    These solutions, on the other hand, are hosted locally. The content and software are contained in a server hosted by the company. This allows for total system and maintenance control. Do you prefer this control? Premise-based is your go-to. When your organization wants no or less outgoing data, and prefers to keep everything in-house, on-premise is also your best option. Keep in mind that with this option you will buy non-expiring licenses at a one-time cost.

How does a Samsung Smart signage display work?

Thanks to the combination of the Samsung Smart signage displays and the complete digital signage content management system MagicINFO cloud, you can remotely control the content over the displays. You can connect your displays to MagicINFO, thanks to the built-in player in the Samsung Smart signage displays. This cloud-hosted and managed service provides an easy, reliable and affordable web-based offering for the creation, scheduling and delivery of content across digital signage networks. This means a single-point platform to create and distribute content, remotely and collaboratively.

Make digital signage displays work for you

So, this was in practical terms how digital signage displays function. Now it’s time to devise your digital signage project. Not yet convinced this is it for you? Any business – no matter its size – can benefit from using digital signage displays within their organization. If you want to read more about how your business can profit from digital signage; download our free ebook now!

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