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Set your own default content

Set your own default content
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It can happen to any well organized content manager; no content is scheduled or a tag that would trigger a certain item to be published is simply forgotten. And now, the animated MagicINFO logo is getting all the attention! You can easily prevent this from happening by starting to read this blog where we highlight the 'default content' feature. With this feature, it seems that you have everything right under control when in fact you'd just made a little publishing mistake.  

What is it and why is it there?

For default content to be shown on your display, it needs to be 'registered' first. You can find the Default content option within the Device section. So go to Device, choose Customize in the menu and then choose Register and Publish. This is where you can set a logo or default content item. Once your content item is uploaded you can choose to set the item as default for a specific device group. So whenever there is a publishing issue, you will see a content item that fits your corporate identity and message. Be aware, once you set your default content you can't undo it very easily. But why should you?

How can you use it?

When you choose the option 'Register Custom logo'  you can upload images of up to 50mb and movies up to 150mb. (S4 Player : BMP images and TS movies of up to 150 MB are supported.) When you choose "Default Content" you can add a movie file. Most MagicINFO users choose to set the animated logo as default content and have a playlist running 24 hours with no expiration data in their Schedule. Two simple ways to make sure there is always suitable content published. And when you have your notifications set as well you wont miss out on this publishing issue (called you) and you have just enough time to make some adjustments in het schedules or fix the problem.

Curious what else you can do to prevent publishing issues? Read this blog we published before. 


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