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Real-time Data management (RTDM) possible with MagicINFO Datalink

Real-time Data management (RTDM) possible with MagicINFO Datalink
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The demand for real-time data management in digital signage keeps increasing. Here are a few examples:  the retail sector prefers to offer up to date propositions, production companies would like to show the latest production figures and public transport has to show the correct departure-and-arrival times. A price adjustment needs to be implemented as we speak to all menu boards and stock control has to be informed. Links with internal databases offer a solution. With MagicINFO DataLink all of the above is within your reach.

Even though adjusting content manually is a no-go, it happens more often than you realize. This is a good moment to go back to the drawing table and work out what can be automated within your organization.

Manually adjusting content changes isn't just labor-intensive, but it is very error-prone and is often reactive. In addition, you're trying to be active, but decisions will be taken based on your figures and content, so it has to be up-to-date. A package such as MagicINFO DataLink is essential to show up-to-date information relevant at a certain time. Samsung's MagicINFO DataLink is an extra package to MagicINFO, Samsung's content distribution system. Combined, these make real-time data management within reach.

With MagicINFO DataLink you can show dynamic data, which is updated automatically. This data will be read from a database and will not only be opened via an Application Programming Interface (API) but also displayed visually. The solution supports MS-SQL and Oracle databases for simple content management but other important database systems like XML, RSS, and Excel sources too. DataLink offers you easy creation and modification of content, which reduces manual effort and cost considerably.

Want to know more about MagicINFO DataLink? Download this whitepaper. If you're curious about what could be automatically monitored in your organization, please feel free to contact us to set up a meeting.

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