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Here are Some Tips to Prevent Publishing Issues

Here are Some Tips to Prevent Publishing Issues
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No matter what your goal is with signage, having your content on your display is vital! How can you make sure this happens? Keep your eye on the following information while monitoring your displays and make sure you receive a notification in case of error. 

1. Monitor the device status regularly

One thing you really don't want is displays with a black screen at your location. You have to be sure that your displays are all switched on and online. When you log in to MagicINFO you can find an overview of your devices but also the dashboard provides a report with the device status. Because you have to log in first, set up a notification email so you get notified if a screen has been switched off. This will help you monitor your devices proactively which helps you to anticipate quicker. 

2. Always schedule content

Another thing that you don't want is the MagicINFO logo turning up and around your display instead of your own flashy or informative content. To prevent this from happening, set up notifications when there is no active schedule or when the schedule or playlist is close to expiring. Remember, there always must be a playlist scheduled. If you are not sure you have fresh content to publish, you can set a default playlist so your display will at least show information about your company and not show your audience what system you use for signage (however this is good to promote MagicINFO ;-)). 

3. Make someone in your team responsible 

Appoint a lead person within the team and give him the right tools for proactive monitoring so he can assure your content is on display. Decide how business-critical your content is and what actions need to be taken in case of an error. This person can get all notifications so that when there are problems the lead person can solve them as quickly as possible. Or contact the support desk. Having a dashboard on display with information about your signage network at your office is a helpful tool to be proactive and to keep your network of displays running smoothly. 


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