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7 FAQs about the available hardware control

7 FAQs about the available hardware control
by Ivan
2 min read

Choosing the right software to manage your signage display is not that easy. And it's sometimes difficult to see the real differences. Most of all, discovering the features that you need! Our advice is always to start with the question: 'What do you want your digital signage to do for you?' List your desired features and check these within the signage solution you have in mind. So if you are considering MagicINFO and have any doubt in choosing Lite or Premium. Here's a blog where we share some FAQs that help you compare the level of hardware control between these license types. 


1. Can you access the displays remotely?


Premium offers the very powerful option to remotely access the display. That's the remote management part that really distinguishes Premium from Lite. You get a real preview of the display and an actual remote control. You can use and control the display as you're standing right in front of it. This isn't possible with Lite. 


2. Can you adjust the timer settings?


Whether you have Lite or Premium, both solutions offer the option to set on and off timers and set holiday management in case your displays don't need to work in a certain period. However with Lite you can't set the daylight saving time automatically. That's something you have to keep in mind. 


3. Can you update firmware remotely using Lite?


Yes. Both Premium and Lite have this functionality. You can update the firmware from the server.


4. What are the options in terms of security settings of the display?


However Lite has limited options within this topic, you can still lock the use of the remote control and the displays' buttons. Premium offers more options, such as the option to lock network settings, USB use, WiFi and network connectivity and bluetooth. 


5. Do I have proof of play using Lite?


Lite also offers the proof of play statistics. In addition to that, both Lite and Premium also offer statistics in terms of the number of content items, displays, play frequency etc.


6. Does Lite offer the auto source switching option?


No, with Lite you can't switch sources. For example you want a combination of HTML source and MagicINFO. That's only possible using Premium.


7. Do I need Premium when I want to use some basic hardware settings?


When you just want to use basic and common hardware settings Lite can give you just enough control. Both Premium and Lite offer Quick control with the most used settings. So that means you can switch the display on and off, change the panel status, restart the display, change the source, channel and volume, switch mute to on or off and empty the storage. All in just a few clicks. These are all quite basic control options but needed and available in Lite. Are you looking for more advanced hardware control, like changing the server network settings remotely, more security options, network standby, changing colors ect. Premium will be the solution you need. 


So looking just at hardware control, Lite offers the basic settings and Premium allows you to access the display remotely and gives you full control. Want to learn more about the differences between the 2 license types, here's another blog about it.

Want to talk with an expert about the differences and what you need for controlling your hardware? Click here to schedule an online meeting

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