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3 questions to ask choosing Lite or Premium

3 questions to ask choosing Lite or Premium
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It can be difficult to choose software for digital signage. Most digital signage solutions are packed with assets, features, add-ons and integrations. MagicINFO is no exception and can be used flexibly for all kinds of purposes in different industries. MagicINFO is offered in two license types, Lite and Premium. Here are some questions that can help you decide which one to choose.


1. How large is your display network and where are the displays located?
The first question is already the one that distinguishes Premium from Lite at most. Because of how large your network is and how scattered your displays are, the need for remote hardware control grows. And therefore need to choose Premium. If it's just one display, in the room where you're in as well, you can simply grab the remote control or even use the buttons.

Quickly said

  • Easy access to displays? Lite could be sufficient. 
  • Difficult access to displays? We advise Premium.

2. What type of content are you going to use?
The type of content is also a very important one. You can only use pre-built media content using Lite. Upload any common filetype to the server and create a playlist. Pretty straight forward and in some cases just enough. Premium has a lot more functions when it comes to types of content. You can use pre-built media content but also HTML content or retrieve files from other locations within your network files. And what Lite does not offer is the MagicINFO Web Author which empowers you to create templates, full pages from scratch, use web elements, RSS feeds, widgets, other sources like HDMI and more. We see that in most cases the ability to use web content and being able to create and work with templates are the decisive factors to go for Premium.

Quickly said

  • Do you want to simply upload your content items such as video, jpg's ect? Lite is a good option.
  • Want to use content/information from other sources like web content or other systems. You need Premium.
  • Want to use templates that you can easily adjust? Choose Premium!
3. How do you want to create a playlist?
MagicINFO Premium offers a lot of options in creating playlists, where Lite offers basic general options. Within Premium additionally you can choose to create a playlist based on advertising or use tags to automate the content flow. Playlists that are data driven or event triggered are also types that you see more used in various industries. These playlists are automated and smart set to reach goals. You now are perhaps just starting with MagicINFO and think, well a general playlist type is just fine.  But think about future needs as well.

Quickly said
  • More manual work? Lite will do just fine.
  • Want to automate, work more efficiently? Premium offers the most features to be able to. 


As the "quickly said" sections show, sometimes choosing is easy because you simply need a functionality that one of them is not offering. Premium is the most extensive version and because of its flexibility in use can answer every signage question and be a solution for every type of end-user, in any industry. To be really really sure what suits your needs best, a talk with a consultant is the way to go. Share your signage strategy and let us think along about how you can implement th't into MagicINFO Lite or Premium. Why not schedule a meeting with our MagicINFO specialist using this link right away? 

Do you miss the budget question? Of course, this is a very important question. But the budget is not going to achieve your signage goals. The features do. And if the features needed do cause you to exceed the budget, more budget is needed or you simply have to adjust your goal and expectations.  


Not sure? Start with a MagicINFO Premium trial so you can do some exploring yourself. Or opt for the Lite cloud subscription so you can easily switch to Premium if you discover that you miss certain features.


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