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CEO’s POV of GITEX AFRICA: Through the eyes of Bastiaan Amsing

CEO’s POV of GITEX AFRICA: Through the eyes of Bastiaan Amsing
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Just last week, Bastiaan Amsing, CEO and Founder of MagicInfo Services by ScreenCom, was not only an attendee but a guest speaker at GITEX Africa 2023. A leader in the world of digital signage and artificial intelligence, Amsing took part in various interactive discussions, sharing his knowledge with the tech community. In this article, we delve into Amsing's experiences and thoughts about the three-day event.




GITEX AFRICA is a major venture of GITEX GLOBAL, carrying forward a 42-year legacy of bridging the gap between tech tycoons, governments, start-ups, investors, and global innovation hubs. The event was hosted in Marrakech, Morocco from 31 May to 2 June 2023, focusing on creating a more connected, sustainable, inclusive, and innovative digital economy. 

Bastiaan’s thoughts about the event

GITEX Africa 2023 Digital Signage Event

GITEX Africa, according to Amsing, is a dynamic event pulsating with a vibrant buzz. He noticed impressive participation from many African countries, contrasting with the relatively lower presence of EU countries.

"The focus here is on infrastructure and collaboration among African countries, rather than sustainability. I believe that a solid foundation needs to be in place before we can concentrate on sustainability," Amsing noted.

A significant demographic fact that Amsing highlighted is that 60% of the African population is below 25 years of age, which starkly contrasts with other continents. This young, digitally oriented population brings a unique advantage to Africa's tech development.

"With the right digital infrastructures, a unified currency, and proper frameworks, Africa holds immense growth potential, especially from a digital perspective," said Bastiaan.

Bastiaan Amsing at GITEX Africa 2023

One of the main challenges Africa faces, according to our CEO and co-founder, is retaining its tech workforce, as many seek opportunities in other continents. However, Africa's rich natural resources, coupled with the desire for intellectual property ownership, could offer potential solutions.

"The continent is rich with oil, diamonds, and resources crucial for creating batteries, among other things. Unfortunately, it's not fully leveraged, with intellectual property often falling into the hands of foreign investors. They seek ownership, a sense of possession," Bastiaan pointed out. Given Africa's young, digital-oriented demographic, Amsing noticed an exciting entrepreneurial culture fostered by government encouragement.

The future of Africa's digital economy intrigues Bastiaan. "The energy here is palpable. There's a sense of anticipation to see how swiftly they can grow, considering the vastness of the continent and the multiple challenges they face beyond internet infrastructure." he continued, "Being here, feeling the atmosphere, and witnessing the potential growth, we at MagicInfo Services by ScreenCom definitely see the value in expanding in the EMEA region."


Bastiaan’s thoughts on being a panelist at GITEX AFRICA

As we mentioned earlier, Bastiaan Amsing attended GITEX AFRICA as a guest speaker.  He noted that the diverse perspectives contributed significantly to the discussion. Amsing's insights were well-received by the engaged audience, sparking a keen interest in digital signage among African and Middle Eastern companies, which indicates the growing demand and potential in these regions. 

Bastiaan Amsing at GITEX Africa 2023 Digital Signage

Being a member of the Global Signage Alliance (GSA), Amsing highlighted the value of such being a part of such organizations and the connections he’s made over the years, signifying it as one of the many benefits of the digital signage trade association. He urged tech enthusiasts and organizations to consider joining the GSA to further their knowledge and establish valuable connections within the global digital signage industry.


Final thoughts 

It is clear that GITEX AFRICA 2023 was an enriching and insightful event for Bastiaan Amsing. From acknowledging the potential of Africa's young, digitally oriented population to identifying the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead, Bastiaan’s perspective offers a unique lens into the rapid evolution of Africa's digital economy. As a leading figure in digital signage and AI, Bastiaan’s insights carry great weight and urgency, emphasizing the importance of collaboration, innovation, and sustainable development. 


His role as a panelist and an active GSA member underscored his commitment to the tech industry and his vision for a more connected world. As we navigate the digital landscape, we too look forward to seeing the transformation of the EMEA region and its rising role in the global tech community. Bastiaan’s engagement and interactions at GITEX AFRICA 2023 inspire us at MagicInfo Services by ScreenCom to continue contributing to this dynamic landscape, and we invite all digital signage enthusiasts to join us on this journey. Ready to begin? Don’t waste time and book a meeting with our MagicINFO experts.

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