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Expanding in the Middle East: MagicInfo Services partners with FinesseTech

Expanding in the Middle East: MagicInfo Services partners with FinesseTech
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FinesseTech, a company with a 150-year combined experience in the digital signage industry, is shifting the paradigm in the Middle East. Offering high-quality software solutions and service delivery, they specialize in data visualization, user experience, and IoT projects. Building on strong partnerships with major companies, they aim to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions. This article delves into their operations, significant projects, and a riveting interview with their Sales Director, Debojit Das, who discusses FinesseTech's collaborative efforts and future aspirations.


About FinesseTech 

FinesseTech LogoThe FinesseTech team has combined 150 years of experience in the digital signage industry. The founders saw an opportunity to establish a company that provides consulting and pre-sales support to AV/IT integrators and resellers in the Middle East region. The vision of the business is to provide high-quality software value solutions and service delivery. 

Moreover, FinesseTech is focusing on the partner relationships it has with major companies, such as PADS4, Bgrid, Proximi, Newvision, SAIMOS, Quividi, and now MagicInfo Services–the latest addition to its portfolio. The leading data visualization and UX delivery business for the AV community helps system integrations to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions.

As a data visualization, user experience-driven, and IoT expert, FinesseTech offers bespoke customized projects that involve back-end and integration projects. The company noticed that there is a vast user community for Samsung’s products in the region and that MagicINFO is being utilized in a simple way, not to its full potential. Thus, FinesseTech decided to expand its offering to MagicINFO-related products, like training sessions, add-on widgets, and solutions. 

MagicInfo Services has over a decade of experience with Samsung digital signage products. It is one of the key components in the service portfolio–a basket of solutions and products that help AV companies and integrators to provide bespoke solutions. Finally, FinesseTech has experience with a lot of local and international companies, including Emaar, Etisalat, Aramco, Dubai Holding, ADNOC, Hyundai, Hilton Hotels, and retail chains, to name a few.


Interview with Debojit Das, Sales Director at FinesseTech

Recently, we sat down for an interview with Debojit Das, the Sales Director of FinesseTech. During the call, we discussed different topics from interesting company news to how they decided to partner with MagicInfo Services. Read the full interview below.

Q1: Can you share any interesting company news with us? 

Debojit Das - Profile Photo

A1: “FinesseTech is one of the leading digital signage companies in the Middle East region. Allow me to share information about one of our recent projects. We helped Emaar, a real estate company, install digital signage across different cinemas and malls that it owns across the Middle East. FinesseTech managed the entire project and created four cluster servers allowing Emaar’s team to cross-sell services and products across different areas of the customer journey.

“Another interesting project that we were involved in was in the banking industry, which is moving to shopping malls. In the Middle East, consumers are embracing the technology and are eager to interact with self-serving kiosks. We helped many major banks (ADCB, Arab Bank, JKB, NBK, Boubyan, KIB, Al Alhi, etc) digitize their branches by installing individual kiosks where clients could perform certain actions because the digital signage displays were connected to the back end of the bank system. 

“The FinesseTech team also worked on a project with Etisalat Retail to improve their user experience. Now, the sales process is fully automated with digital signage. Clients can navigate through the product catalog, and compare products with pick-and-learn technology. Additionally, you can choose the products that you want, generate the token, and make the purchase. 

“What’s more, store managers get access to the analytics gathered from the digital signage. With that information, employees can make better decisions for individual stores and collaborate with other stores. Every session can be recorded thanks to the MS Teams and Cisco Jabber integrations.

“Last but not least, I would like to take a moment to mention our collaboration with the Burj Al Arab team. The campaign is called Iconic Moments featuring content from the most impressive marketing campaigns and PR stunts taken on the helipad of the Burj Al Arab. Our team created a storyboard with the most epic shots with IoT integrations. The company can now easily manage the content on the displays and visitors can enjoy breathtaking footage.”


Q2: Can you tell us about the shared activities between FinesseTech and MagicInfo Services in the Middle East?

A2: “Yes, of course. Currently, FinesseTech and MagicInfo Services are working on multiple projects together. We are in contact with some of the Ministries, which are using Samsung SoC displays and are considering using Magicinfo to enhance their signage on a single platform. The second project is with one the of largest banks in the Middle East which is again using Samsung SoC and is keen to utilize the MagicINFO RM tools to manage and monitor the complete performance. Thus, we are in communication with Samsung to find a solution and provide a bespoke service for the retail giant.”


Q3: How do you find working with us? What are our combined strengths? 

A3: “FinesseTech is focused on bespoke IoT and data-driven projects, whereas MagicInfo Services focuses on methodology. I believe that because of the different approaches to business together, we can work towards a common goal–the adoption of high-end digital signage services in the Middle East. I firmly believe that our team can learn from MagicInfo Services’ digital signage experts. While FinesseTech has an established network of trusted connections in the region, we must focus on utilizing HubSpot to qualify prospects.” 


Q4: Why did FinesseTech want to start working with MagicINFO as a solution and with MagicInfo Services as a partner?

A4: “Most of FinesseTech’s team has worked for PADS4 in the past, and is familiar with the software. Any business is a pyramid. At the bottom section, many people are taking care of simple tasks. At the top, fewer people work on more complicated tasks. Presently, we are not selling MagicINFO licenses. Instead, our focus is on offering bespoke solutions to AV and IT integrators and suppliers. We work with end clients on projects that involve add-on integrations, such as MeetingPoint. Our team also focuses on building long-lasting relationships with clients from different parts of the digital signage vertical.” 


Comments about the partnership from Bastiaan Amsing, MagicInfo Services’ founder and CEO

Bastiaan MagicInfo Services"As founder and CEO of MagicInfo Services, I'm excited about our partnership with FinesseTech. Their deep expertise in the digital signage industry, combined with our proficiency in Samsung digital signage solutions, provides a synergistic relationship primed for innovation. The Middle East holds vast potential for our industry, and together, we're committed to transforming this landscape through high-quality software solutions and service delivery. This collaboration underscores our shared vision to empower businesses with cutting-edge, sustainable digital solutions."

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