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Which license is required for a LED wall?

Which license is required for a LED wall?
by Joey
1 min read

A LED wall is a great way to attract many people and inform them simultaneously. There are different types of LED walls, such as indoors and outdoors. But also the brightness plays a part in how the message comes across. The Samsung LED displays are connected to an external player, which allows you to monitor and control the cabinets. This external player for the LED wall also controls the content and spreads it across the entire LED wall.

This external player is also called a ‘snow controller’, this external player is connected to MagicINFO and is where you can control it. Within MagicINFO you have detailed access to check the LED wall remotely, you can check if cabinets are malfunctioning or any pixels are dead. All this can be retrieved from MagicINFO.

Apart from analyzing the hardware with the MagicINFO software, you can also use MagicINFO to send out the content. Within the MagicINFO WebAuthor, you can create content that you can then send out to the LED wall. This way you’re free to create any type of content in any way that you want to, how cool is that? 

In addition to that, another great advantage of having the LED wall connected to MagicINFO, is that you can use Remote Control. This means you can remotely check the content on the LED wall to fully make sure you got your content right!

In order to connect the external player/ snow controller of the Samsung LED wall to MagicINFO, a Premium license is required per external player for on-premise situations. In case cloud solutions have the upper hand, then a Premium cloud subscription is required per external player.

Interested in a LED wall? Please reach out to your local Samsung subsidiary and they’re happy to help! We’re happy to help you with anything regarding the MagicINFO software and even content training for the LED wall.

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