This is how MagicINFO helps you monitor your Samsung LED wall

27 July 2020

The Samsung LED wall is a fantastic way of displaying many types of content. It can work to show images and videos, but also in congress buildings to show programs and indicate the directions. The LED walls have a LED-box attached to it. This box contains the digital signage player that decides what type of content can be displayed. Such as a S4 or a S6 player.


However, by only having the LED-box attached to the LED panels, you will not be able to analyse the panels individually. This is possible with MagicINFO! By connecting the LED-box to MagicINFO you have to do a few steps in order to get it right.


Once the LED panels and the LED-box are set-up, you have to use a UHD Samsung display and attach this to the LED-box. This will help you connecting the LED-box to the right server. Use the remote control, click on Menu > Network > Server Network Settings > Connect to server. Here you have to fill in the server you want your LED wall to be connected to.


Once you got the LED-box connected, you can read each LED-panel individually. MagicINFO allows you to read the temperature, firmware version, dimensions and much more.

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Now another great functionality is to add the warning rule. This allows you to set certain rules. For example, if you want the panels not to go over 45 degrees Celsius, you can create this rule and apply it to each panel. Then you’ll be notified whenever the panels meet that rule. And there is much more!




Joey Mensen

About the author: Joey Mensen

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