The MagicINFO W-Player offers many new features

21 August 2020

Ever since MagicINFO V8 got released, Samsung created multiple new functionalities. Previously we discussed the new Ruleset already, but the W Player certainly is a great addition as well. The W Player is definitely worth an explanation!

The W Player allows you to create more dynamic content. This can be more dynamic text, but also images. It’s more of an elaborated tool to create content that wasn’t possible before! It would require some steps in order convert your device to a W Player and to provide it with the right type of firmware as well. Want to learn more on how the W Player works and how to get your device W Player ready? Make sure to watch this video.




Joey Mensen

About the author: Joey Mensen

Joey Mensen is working in marketing and sales at ScreenCom and MagicInfo Services. His passion is helping people by providing them with the solution that suits them best. He helps people by writing clear yet technical blogs and recording video’s where he explains the software. Next to that, he is keeping a close eye on the digital trends and innovations.