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3 Ways to Redefine Your Workspace with Digital Signage

3 Ways to Redefine Your Workspace with Digital Signage
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Incorporating digital signage into your workspace


Imagine walking through the door of your workplace and being greeted by a display that not only knows who you are, but is also able to give you short information about the most important updates on the ongoing projects you are involved in. Pretty futuristic, no? We can help you turn this into reality because it’s already happening. In today’s post, we’ll explore the advantages of incorporating digital signage into your workspace. 


Why should you integrate digital signage into your working environment?


Digital signage is redefining how we think about the world around us, whether we talk about new ways of displaying ads in the city or how traffic information is shown on the highway. Digital signage is the future and the future is here waiting for you to grab it. If you are unsure whether to incorporate it into your workspace, here are some pretty good reasons to wipe your doubts away:

Welcoming your employees to the office in a personalized manner


The workplace is constantly reinvented, from the tiny cubicles that separated you from  your colleagues to more open environments that encourage sharing. Nowadays, the biggest change in your workspace has nothing to do with the space itself, but how you think about it. The covid-19 pandemic has proven beyond doubt that we can still be productive from home. However, we missed our office jokes and seeing our colleagues, so more and more of us are moving to a hybrid form of working, which means it’s easier to feel left behind by the changes in your company. Not with digital signage. Should you choose to incorporate it into your office, you’ll notice the perks straight away. One of these perks is being welcomed in a personalized way. The system that we use can be programmed to recognize each employee by name and to include some useful information about the schedule of their team, the KPIs of their latest campaigns/projects, and so on.


Publishing dashboards with company news, traffic information and the stock market


Thanks to the affordances of the displays from Samsung, it is now easier than ever to stay up to date with the latest company news, whether you want to congratulate a colleague on their birthday or find out new updates about the projects your company is involved in. Your displays can be programmed to show all sorts of useful information, such as traffic details on your way home from the company, or the latest information about the stock market, all displayed neatly on the dashboard. 

Finding your way around the office


Another unique feature of digital signage is that you can use it as a map to guide your colleagues, especially your newer colleagues, around the office. When you work in a building with more than 20,30 floors you can easily lose your way. Having displays that recognize you can be useful because they can tell you where you are in the company building, which you can use as a reference point for where you need to go. This can be done by having a 3D map of the floor on each display, as well as a list of the departments in the building and the floors where you can find them. 

Did we catch your attention with our post? Would you like to know more about how your business can benefit from incorporating digital signage? Schedule a meeting with one of our MagicINFO experts and explore more ways in which digital signage solutions can bring added value to your workspace. `

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