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Reasons to choose a managed service provider

Reasons to choose a managed service provider
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Nowadays, many companies make it a priority to focus on their core activities. Thus, businesses often outsource entire activities to experts or managed service providers like ourselves. In this piece, we will explore the reasons to trust MagicInfo Services by ScreenCom with your digital signage needs.


MagicInfo Services by ScreenCom as a managed service provider

By definition, a managed service provider (MSP) is a company that takes care of one or more areas of your business to maintain business continuity daily. Moreover, an MSP develops a fully customized solution and provides ongoing maintenance and support based on liabilities, analysis, and risk identification. 

Furthermore, managed service providers can improve the efficiency of any organization whether it’s an SME, a large corporation, a government body, or a nonprofit. Most MSPs have a team of experts that can address complex business processes and offer suitable solutions. 

“We are digital signage professionals that can help organizations with server maintenance, support, and knowledge expertise for MagicINFO. We have over a decade of experience with the software and are passionate about pushing the boundaries of what can be done with digital signage. Hence, we provide a comprehensive service that makes running a business easy, which is why MagicINFO resellers choose us over competitors.” 

- Bastiaan Amsing


Benefits for MagicINFO resellers 

MagicInfo Services by ScreenCom is the official MagicINFO distributor and, as such, offers extensive expertise in digital signage software solutions. Resellers can take advantage of a range of services from us as a managed service provider

Hosted solutions

Some companies prefer to outsource technical tasks to professionals because it can save time and, in some cases, money to let someone else take care of things. Besides, hiring a specialized company like ourselves can allow you to focus on important projects and business goals instead of technical tasks about managing your digital signage network. 

The installation of substantial signage infrastructures in hosted solutions is a skill we have across the board. No matter how many displays you have, we can create the ideal enterprise environment for you. You can keep your attention on your primary duties and next steps while we take care of administering and monitoring the servers. We have a direct line to Samsung, so we can access the most recent information.

MagicINFO resellers can purchase a Private Cloud server from us which grants complete control and management of content and displays, but not of the server. This allows you to focus on developing your business because we will take care of server and security updates and quickly make data and backups available.

The private cloud server is fully maintained by our professional IT staff who perform proactive maintenance and keeps a close eye on the server. Moreover, it is a protected environment, secured with the necessary SSL certificates. If desired, the security can be increased by only granting access to specific organizations, departments, or persons through IP whitelisting, 2FA, or VPN connection.

Training and Support

You need the correct information, direction, and effective teamwork if you want to keep up with digital signage technology and apply it successfully. Hence, we offer training and support, plus a comprehensive knowledge platform to resellers to help businesses accomplish their signage goals. Customers can get in-depth information from our training and product materials, as well as our expert staff.

Our technical support team goes the extra mile for each and every customer by providing tailored solutions and helping them get the most out of their digital signage network. As a managed service provider, we assist companies to maintain and grow their businesses. 

Additionally, users that opt for a private cloud can take advantage of a service level agreement (SLA), to meet the support standards. Companies that sign up for our MagicINFO Private Cloud solution also get a private phone number for escalations on weekends or holidays in case of emergency.


In addition to training and support, we also have consultancy services to offer our clients professional guidance and technical advice for digital signage, among other things. We have extensive experience installing, administering, and creating signage solutions because of our special bid desk, we can provide tender support.

Resellers, in particular, can benefit from our pre-sales consultancy services which include tender support and bid support. Our MagicINFO experts can offer technical expertise and pricing advice to businesses as part of the service. Other benefits are project management and server infrastructure. 

Are you a MagicINFO reseller or are interested in becoming one? If yes, then you might want to consider being a part of our partner program. Members can enjoy a range of perks such as expanding their network, increasing their results, enriching their business, and much more!

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