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Ready. Set. GO!

Ready. Set. GO!
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How cool is it? When you enter a store and you get blown away by amazing videos and great music? It can be an exciting experience! More and more companies and stores are working on creating the right story and the ultimate brand experience. By stimulating the senses, seeing, hearing, feeling and now also smelling, customers are seduced to buy and become a fan of your brand. Digital signage is often one of the assets that is used to build the brand. Not only by publishing spectacular content on sleek displays, but also increasingly in combination with automation and interactivity. By showing the right content at the right time, you can convey feelings and also evoke them. This is in fractions of seconds. If you miss that fraction, well .. then it might just miss the mark. And that's why Sync Play is in the spotlight as a highlighted feature!


What is it and why is it there?

The Sync Play function enables content files to be played at the exact same time and transitions will be synchronized. The playback of identical or different files can be synced on multiple devices on the same network. So when you have a group of displays at your location and a video or files combined as a playlist, that you want to start at the same time and have seamless transitions, this is the feature you need.


Here are some ideas of how and when you can or even need to use Sync Play:


Combine content on different displays and make it look as a whole.

When you have more displays at one location you can create content that is played on each display separately. Think of a ball bouncing from one screen to another, just to give you an idea. Another way to bring in the WOW factor is to display the same content at the same time across multiple displays.


Create a video wall content

When you want to create a playlist for video walls, you can't get around Sync Play. You simply need this. You can split the content and seamlessly distribute this across any video wall and to make it look as a whole. Or you use this to show different content and have that sync together. 


Create an art wall

Same as by creating a video wall, when you want to have an art wall, you need to use using Sync Play. You can also choose to mirror content and have it all the same, or to use different content across all screens, but configure them to sync together. The technique is there, waiting for exciting content!


Menu boards

Sync Play is often used for digital menu boards. You can synchronize promotions with the menu board or just fluidly transit from meals to beverages. Or make other logical combinations, like menu and sides. And then milkshakes and ice creams. You name it! I am getting hungry already. 


So here are just some ideas where the Sync Play features really show off their power. 

It’s the combination of having your strategy for the ultimate brand experience in place, your content ready, and the right signage software to make it happen. 

We have a very clear tutorial about Sync Play on your YouTube channel. Have a look! Or have a look at the knowledge base for an explanation

Want to learn more about the smart ways of using MagicINFO features, make sure you subscribe to our blog or just look at our training offerings, because knowing all about the features, means you can bring any signage strategy to life!

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