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What is the MagicINFO Maintenance Fee?

What is the MagicINFO Maintenance Fee?
by Ivan
2 min read

Samsung Maintenance Service is sold through authorized distributors and resellers. However, MagicINFO users cannot purchase it directly from Samsung

When a user purchases MagicINFO on-premise licenses from MagicInfo Services, they receive Technical Support, Access to Knowledge Hub, and Support for Past MagicINFO Versions. These are 3 out of the 4 components of the Samsung Maintenance Service. 

However, the option for ‘Major Version Upgrade’ is not included in the price of MagicINFO on-premise from MagicInfo Services. Hence, the company (ScreenCom/MagicInfo Services) charges a one-time flat fee of 42 euros per premium connection to migrate clients from MagicINFO On-premise V6, V7, or V8 to MagicINFO On-premise V9.

For example, if a client has a Premium license and has 13 connections to it then it needs 13 Maintenance keys, each worth 42 euros. 


What does MagicInfo Services offer to MagicINFO Premium on-premise users

Included in the price of the MagicINFO Premium on-premise license

  • Technical Support

The Service can assist in troubleshooting for MagicINFO. Samsung will provide a resolution, steps towards a resolution, workarounds, configuration changes, or a remote session in accordance with the customer’s available support environment. Samsung assumes no responsibility for data loss when asked to assist a customer with the remote session.

  • Access to Knowledge Hub 

The Service provides access to the MagicINFO Knowledge Hub which is an extensive library of technical documents for MagicINFO. This Knowledge Hub is designed to help customers to resolve issues on their own quickly without opening a case and provides helpful technical and general information regarding the MagicINFO software.

  • Support for Past MagicINFO Versions 

Samsung will make commercially reasonable efforts to support past MagicINFO versions up to 3 years from its original release date or Samsung’s official version support termination date, whichever comes first.

Maintenance license key available for an extra fee

If a customer has purchased MagicINFO Premium on-premise license from MagicInfo Services and wants to upgrade from MagicINFO On-premise V6, V7, or V8 to MagicINFO On-premise V9, then they must purchase a Maintenance license key for each connection.

Maintenance license keys are not required for MagicINFO Lite on-premise users

The charge also does not apply to MagicINFO Cloud users.


Not included in the service

  • Services that are not described within the service coverage described above
  • System administrator functions that are the customer's responsibility including, but are not limited to:
    • Installation/configuration/testing/tuning of third-party applications or products
  • On-site technical support
  • Hardware repair and replacement request service
  • MagicINFO versions that fall outside the scope described in 2-1. (4)
  • Backup and restoration of the customer's system(s) and related data
  • Management of customer-tailored parameters
  • Creation/modification of scripts that are unique to the customer's environment
  • Product training including customized operational/technical procedures
  • Custom programming or custom application development for the customer
  • Services related to application software support, database implementation, data archiving, and recovery
  • Services issues resulting from the following causes:
    • Negligence, misuse, or abuse by the customer or any third party;
    • failure to operate equipment in accordance with Samsung’s recommended specifications;
    • failure to perform regular preventive maintenance activities;

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