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MagicINFO Training Sessions - What Is Included & Do You Need One?

MagicINFO Training Sessions - What Is Included & Do You Need One?
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Sometimes, there just is not enough time to scour the Internet for hours searching for tutorials or to read through the lengthy MagicINFO documentation to understand how the software works.

People need a quicker, more straightforward way to learn. That is why MagicINFO training sessions are designed to familiarise users with the software quickly.

In this article, I will give you an idea of what to expect from these fast-track lessons and what is covered. Most importantly, I will tell you roughly how long a tutorial session takes and how soon you can master MagicINFO.

Let us first cover what the software is capable of.


What Can MagicINFO Do for Your Digital Displays?

MagicINFO is a complete all-in-one digital signage solution designed to manage and optimise dynamic content delivery across various display networks.

It integrates three main components — MagicINFO Author, Server and Player — to support content, device, and data management from a single platform.

To give you a clearer understanding, let us quickly explore the core functions of MagicINFO.

Content Creation and Distribution

MagicINFO provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of creating and editing content. Users can use various pre-built media content or craft their designs from scratch using tools like shapes, fonts, stickers, widgets, HTML and hybrid sources. 

MagicINFO supports a wide range of file formats, including HTML, JPG, MP4, DOC, PPT, PDF, MP3 and more.

Once content is created, MagicINFO allows for easy scheduling and distribution. Features such as simple scheduling tools, nested playlist creation, and advanced tag management enable users to efficiently manage when and how content is displayed across different devices.

Device and Playlist Management

The software offers tools for easy playlist creation and content scheduling. It allows for grouping devices for unified management, making it easier to push content updates across multiple displays simultaneously​.

Security and Remote Management

MagicINFO is recognised with ISO27001 and ISO27701 certifications and provides a secure environment for managing digital signage. It enables remote monitoring and management of displays, which reduces the need for physical interventions and enhances overall operational efficiency.

What Does MagicINFO Training Include?

MagicINFO training sessions provide hands-on learning and real-world scenarios that prepare participants to operate Samsung's digital signage software effectively.

The “curriculum” focuses on practical skills and insights for immediate application, which we will now go over.

1. Introduction to MagicINFO

Participants are introduced to the fundamentals of MagicINFO, including logging into the platform and navigating through the dashboard and interface. This serves as the foundation for understanding the software's structure and capabilities​​.

2. Content Management

Training includes detailed instructions on uploading content, supported formats, and content creation.

Participants learn how to effectively bulk upload and organise content within the MagicINFO administration interface, which is crucial for maintaining a streamlined content library​​.

3. Web Author Tool

The Web Author component of MagicINFO is explored, teaching users how to create content specifically tailored for digital signage.

This tool's functionalities mirror those found in typical presentation software but are optimised for Samsung signage screens, enabling the creation of dynamic and engaging digital content​​.

4. Playlist Creation and Management

Participants are taught how to construct and manage playlists, which are essential for scheduling and displaying content across different devices.

The training covers various types of playlists, including general, nested, and tag-based playlists. Each playlist is suited for different display needs and scenarios​​.

5. Scheduling Content

A critical aspect of digital signage management involves scheduling when and how content is displayed.

Training sessions delve into creating schedules that interact with playlists, assigning schedules and preparing content for future display. It ensures that content is shown at the right times without manual intervention​​.

6. Device Management

Effective device management is taught, including setting up device hierarchies, editing device settings, and performing remote operations.

These sessions are vital for maintaining the health and performance of the signage network and for troubleshooting common issues remotely​​.

7. Rules and Alerts

Training also covers the creation and management of rule sets and alerts. Participants learn how to automate content display based on specific conditions and set up alerts for various operational notifications, enhancing the responsiveness and adaptability of their signage solutions​.

8. Advanced Features and Security

Advanced features such as real-time data integration, user and role management, security settings and system maintenance are covered.

These sessions ensure that users can fully leverage MagicINFO's capabilities while maintaining high security and operational standards​.

How Long Is The Training Session?

A typical MagicINFO training session lasts about 3 hours per course. There are two main types of sessions tailored to different user roles: one for Content and another for IT.

Depending on your specific needs and responsibilities, you can choose to attend either one or both sessions.


By the end of these training sessions, participants are expected to be proficient in using MagicINFO to its fullest potential and effectively manage their display networks.

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