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Should You Upgrade from MagicINFO to VXT in 2024?

Should You Upgrade from MagicINFO to VXT in 2024?
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In early 2024, Samsung announced its latest innovation in digital signage, the VXT platform, which they deemed “the successor of MagicINFO” software.

This new all-in-one solution promises to improve user experience and set a new standard in the industry.

Naturally, as businesses and tech enthusiasts explore its capabilities, many are left wondering about the future of Samsung's existing digital signage software.

While VXT appears to be a superior choice technologically, there remains a significant consideration for existing MagicINFO users and those who are currently shopping for digital signage.

Is the new system better? Should you make the switch? Those are the concerns we will address in this article.

Table of Contents:

  1. Is VXT Better Than MagicINFO?
  2. Differences Between the Two Digital Signage Softwares
  3. Should You Switch To VXT?

Is VXT Better Than MagicINFO?

There is no simple answer to this question yet. VXT has only been out for a few months, so it is too early to make a definitive judgement. However, since you came here looking for our professional insights, we will try our best to explain everything and give you a perspective.

The answer is ‘No’, VXT is not better than MagicINFO (MI), or at least ‘Not Yet’. It still has a lot to catch up on, as you will see from our comparison below.

VXT is currently available for some countries and offers most of the essential functions that a digital signage CMS should have. Some people describe it as a simplified version of MagicINFO, which sounds about right. Although it has not surpassed MagicINFO yet, it is operational but might take a few years to fully mature.

It is also worth noting that MagicINFO software will not become obsolete because it will continue to be supported even after VXT has been crowned king.

Let us now outline the reasons why it might not be a good idea to switch to VXT just yet.

Differences Between the Two Digital Signage Softwares

1. Age

MagicINFO has been out for more than a decade and has successfully served millions of devices around the world. In contrast, VXT has only been out for a few months and it would need a few years to catch up on MI’s extended capabilities.

2. Availability

Currently, VXT CMS subscriptions can only be purchased in the US, while MagicINFO is accessible worldwide. Unfortunately, there is no information yet about when VXT will become available globally.

3. Installation Types

MI is a more flexible solution which allows users to choose between installing it locally (on-premise) or in a cloud environment. VXT is only cloud-based, hosted by Samsung themselves.

4. Server management

Some MagicINFO users, especially those who prioritise security above all else, prefer to have 2 separate servers, one for the database and another for the signage software. You cannot do this with VXT because everything you do there lives on Samsung’s cloud.

5. Compatibility

VXT can only be used on devices running Tizen 4.0 OS and above (Samsung Signage Displays models S6 and above) while MagicINFO can run on earlier Tizen versions and screen models. Depending on what type of displays you have, it may not be worth it to upgrade yet from a sustainability or financial standpoint of view, because you will also have to upgrade your screens (read: buy new ones).

6. RuleSets

Another essential option that VXT still lacks is the ability to display content based on rules. MI has the RuleSet feature which allows you, for example, to showcase different products based on weather conditions.

Coffee shops particularly benefit from this type of feature because it allows them to promote a hot coffee when it’s below 20 degrees Celsius outside or a refreshing cold fizzy drink when it’s above 20.

7. Device Labelling

In terms of account organisation, for now MagicINFO remains unbeaten. It has an easy way to segment and control multiple display groups across multiple networks, as well as a means to tag different content items and playlists.

Unfortunately, VXT currently uses a unified tagging system for everything - content, playlists, devices and more - which may lead to confusion as the number of content types and displays increases.

8. Widget Marketplace

One of the most popular third-party add-ons for MagicINFO is called the Widget Marketplace. It is a collection of extensions for the Web Author that enable MagicINFO Services’ cloud users to display live updates on events like news, sports scores, traffic, and much more. 

Currently, there are many uncertainties regarding whether a similar marketplace will be implemented in VXT, specifically whether Samsung will allow third-party developers to create apps for this new platform.

Should You Switch To VXT?

It is completely normal to be asking yourself this question. After all, you want what is best for you. The birth of VXT has already alerted digital signage owners worldwide that a major change is coming. But is it wise to make that change now?

At the moment, it is clear that MagicINFO is still the better option because it provides more flexibility and control. Our experts recommend continuing with MagicINFO for at least another 2-3 years.

And since Samsung is constantly patching VXT and adding new and missing features, when and if you decide to make the switch, MagicINFO Services will migrate the digital signage environments of all our cloud clients to VXT FOR FREE.


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