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Introducing Marketplace: Your Ultimate Destination for MagicINFO-Compatible Widgets

Introducing Marketplace: Your Ultimate Destination for MagicINFO-Compatible Widgets
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Exciting news, digital signage enthusiasts! On November 1st, MagicInfo Services will launch the MagicINFO Widget Marketplace, an innovative platform that brings together a wide range of widgets compatible with MagicINFO specifically designed to meet the needs of every MagicINFO Cloud user. Now it is easier than ever to level up your digital signage game.

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What is The MagicINFO Widget Marketplace?


The MagicINFO Widget Marketplace is a useful new addition to the MagicINFO software that brings together a diverse range of engaging widgets and add-ons, all compatible with the MagicINFO software solution for digital signage. Access to the MagicINFO Widget Marketplace is included with every MagicINFO Premium Cloud subscription starting November 1st.

This groundbreaking platform provides a seamless experience, allowing you to automate your digital signage content while making sure to stay up-to-date with the latest news, whether you're interested in world events or local and national news, sports events and updates from your favourite teams, weather and transport updates. 

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5 Key Features of the MagicINFO Widget Marketplace


1. User-Friendly Platform

The Widget Marketplace is a user-centric platform that caters to both seasoned MagicINFO users and beginners alike. With a focus on ease of use, this marketplace is designed to simplify the process of adding relevant content to your displays.

2. Automated Content Solution

With its user-friendly interface and intelligent automation, this platform eliminates the hassle of choosing what to showcase to your audience. Enjoy a seamless experience as it continuously delivers captivating content, ensuring your displays remain dynamic and appealing.


3. Adaptable to other Samsung digital signage CMS

The widgets in the marketplace are designed to be compatible with other Samsung signage solutions such as VXT, offering you the versatility you need to elevate your digital signage experience.

4. Includes Real-Time Updates

With the Widget Marketplace, you can say goodbye to the hassle of constantly updating content. Enjoy real-time updates that guarantee you always have the latest information at your fingertips. Plus, customise the refresh rate of every widget effortlessly. Stay ahead of the game and keep your audience engaged with ease.

5. Supports a Wide Range of Samsung Digital Signage Players

Unlock a world of possibilities with our extensive selection of Samsung-compatible players, spanning from S4 to S10, including the W-player and the I-player. Whether you are seeking cutting-edge technology or seamless integration, our marketplace has it all.



Preview of Available Widgets

The MagicINFO Widget Marketplace boasts a wide range of widgets, each designed to enhance your digital signage content. Here is a sneak peek at what you can expect:

News Widgets: Keep abreast of the latest news with our varied assortment of news widgets.
Weather Widgets: Stay ahead of the weather with our reliable weather widgets.
Mobility Widgets: Stay updated on your daily commute with our useful mobility widgets.
Sport Widgets: Keep up with every goal, foul, and twist in your favourite football league with our comprehensive range of sports widgets.

In addition to that, the marketplace provides a wide range of other widgets that are designed specifically for MagicINFO Cloud end-users and are compatible with MagicINFO.

The Benefits of the MagicINFO Widget Marketplace

Here are some of the key advantages that make the MagicINFO Widget Marketplace an exceptional option for businesses aiming to amplify their digital signage capabilities.

Included with MagicINFO Cloud: Free and readily available with every MagicINFO Cloud subscription.
Access to Support Portal: Online support resources are available for every MagicINFO end-user, along with personal support for customers.
Plug and Play: Get started easily. Connect your display to the MagicINFO Cloud environment, and you're good to go!
No IT Hassle: Our experts maintain the service, so you don't need any technical know-how.
Active Server Monitoring: Proactive monitoring keeps the system up-to-date and at peak performance.
Automatic Software Updates: We take care of the MagicINFO server and perform updates for optimal user accessibility.
User-Friendly CMS: Powerful drag-and-drop content creation tools make managing your content a breeze.
Web-Based CMS: Work remotely thanks to our web-based CMS.
No External Player Needed: Easy to maintain and deploy thanks to the built-in MagicINFO player.



MagicINFO Marketplace – Elevate Your Digital Signage Experience

Get ready to transform the digital signage industry with the groundbreaking MagicINFO Widget Marketplace. This game-changing platform is designed to revolutionise your digital signage displays. With its intuitive interface, wide array of widgets, and exceptional support, it provides a complete solution for all your signage requirements. 
Are you eager to elevate your digital signage to new heights? Stay tuned for the highly anticipated launch of the MagicINFO Widget Marketplace and get ready to unleash a world of possibilities for your digital displays.


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