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Indecisive between MagicINFO Premium and Remote Management? Read this!

Indecisive between MagicINFO Premium and Remote Management? Read this!
by Joey
2 min read

Do you need the full CMS package, or will solely the Remote Management be sufficient in combination with an external CMS system? You can use MagicINFO as your full CMS system, or work with any other SSSP application to show the content and use the Remote Management tool as your hardware controller. Having the full hardware control will save your company a lot of time and effort since the hardware control can be done remotely.

In this blog, we'll explain the differences between Premium and Remote Management.


MagicINFO Premium as a full CMS

Premium allows you to use MagicINFO to its full potential. Premium allows you to make use of the WebAuthor, which is a great tool for creating content, widgets and web elements/ web content. For example, if you want to add an RSS feeds, a webpage, or show multiple pictures and/or videos at once. This is all possible in the WebAuthor. The WebAuthor is also the place where the connection gets made with the external data sources for real-time data management.  

Alongside the WebAuthor, Premium gives the golden feature of Remote Control. This allows you to control the hardware settings of your Samsung Digital Signage devices simply from your computer. With this, you can change hardware settings for your devices without having to physically visit every single display.  

MagicINFO Premium has all kinds of "out of the box" features that you can use to create smart playlists. That's something that you can really benefit from! It all depends on what you want to achieve. Because Premium probably has the features that can make it happen. 


Remote Management

With solely the Remote Management solution, you have the same hardware control as MagicINFO Premium, without the entire content part. There is no content control with Remote Management since this has to be done externally. However, you get full hardware control over the Samsung Digital Signage displays. This is really convenient if you manage multiple displays across several sites. This feature will save you quite some precious time and money.
Samsung Remote Management works on S4 players and higher. 

More companies are requesting remote access to save costs and time. A transition to a completely new CMS is quite a hassle, but it can also happen that the current CMS system works perfectly fine.  So why change a winning team? Just add extra beneficial control! With the separate Remote Management control you get the control you're looking for.


Now it’s time to make up your mind if you wish to have the content and hardware control from one central point, or if you wish to have your content running externally. In case you’re unsure if your displays are compatible with either one of the solutions, just send us an email and we can check it for you.

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