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How To Set The Perfect Holiday Mood With MagicINFO's Music Feature

How To Set The Perfect Holiday Mood With MagicINFO's Music Feature
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With the holiday season upon us, MagicINFO's innovative background music feature becomes an indispensable tool in creating a festive and welcoming atmosphere for your customers.

This guide will show you how to use MagicINFO's background music effectively, turning each customer interaction into a harmonious and memorable encounter with your brand. Let's explore how the right soundtrack can set the stage for an unforgettable customer experience.


Read on to discover:

What is the MagicINFO background music feature?

MagicINFO Playlist

MagicINFO's Background Music Feature is a part of the MagicINFO software suite (Premium, Lite, Cloud Subscription), which is designed for digital signage and content management. 

This feature allows users to integrate background music into their digital displays and content. It's often used in retail and other commercial environments to enhance the customer experience by creating a more immersive and engaging atmosphere. Users can customise playlists and audio content to match their branding and the preferences of their target audience. Overall, it's a tool that will help you create a more appealing and dynamic visual and auditory experience for your customers.

However, if you're new to playing music through MagicINFO, don't worry – we've provided detailed instructions in our knowledge base article to guide you how to play music on your device. All you'll need is a thoughtfully curated music playlist that suits your customers' preferences or complements the ambiance of your store.

And if you'd like to gain a better understanding or visualise how to add background music to your content, feel free to watch a video about it on our YouTube channel. It's a great way to grasp the concept more effectively and see it in action.

But why should you consider using this feature in the first place? Let's explore the compelling reasons behind harnessing the power of background music for your business!

Benefits of incorporating music playlists 

MagicINFO Music Feature

Incorporating carefully curated music playlists into your customer experience can significantly impact your business in a positive way. It's not just about playing pleasant tunes; it's a strategic decision that can enhance your brand, create memorable interactions and boost customer satisfaction. Here's why:

  • Setting the Mood

Music has the power to influence mood and emotions. By selecting the right tunes, you can set any atmosphere you want in your store. Whether you want to create a relaxing ambiance or an upbeat vibe, music is your way to go.

  • Brand Identity

The music you choose can reflect and reinforce your brand's identity. It's an additional channel to communicate your brand's values and personality. For example, a high-end fashion boutique may use classical music to convey elegance, while a trendy café might opt for indie tracks to showcase a modern and hip image.

During the holiday season, your music choices can reflect how your brand celebrates this time of year. It's a chance to connect with customers on a more personal level, sharing in the universal joy and warmth of the season.

  • Customer Engagement

Engaged customers are more likely to stay longer and make repeat visits. Music can capture their attention and make their time at your establishment more enjoyable. A pleasant atmosphere encourages customers to explore, shop, dine or simply linger.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

A carefully curated playlist adds depth to the customer experience. It can complement the overall theme of your business, making customers feel like they are part of something unique.

  • Emotional Connection

The power of holiday music lies in its ability to evoke nostalgic and warm feelings, creating a stronger emotional connection between your customers and your brand.

  • Increased Sales

Studies have shown that the right music can influence purchasing behaviour. It can lead to higher sales, as customers may feel more relaxed and willing to browse or make buying decisions.

  • Competitive Advantage

Incorporating music playlists strategically can set you apart from competitors who overlook this aspect of customer experience. It shows that you've put thought into every detail, creating a more polished and attractive offering.

How to make the most of music playlists to enhance customer experience

MagicINFO Music Feature

As was mentioned in the previous section, you can use music to make your customers feel a certain way. You can play music to celebrate the holidays, create a relaxing atmosphere, or offer an upbeat ambiance. It's all up to you to shape the emotional journey of your customers through brand identity.

Playing music to…celebrate the holidays

As the holiday season approaches you may be tempted to include Christmas music into your playlist. Hence, you can easily fall into the trap of using all too familiar songs that make the shopping experience exhausting for both your staff and your customers. 

Instead, our suggestion is to avoid typical Christmas tunes and create a playlist with holiday music that’s popular in the country where your store is located. Imagine the impact of a holiday-themed playlist that's thoughtfully curated to sidestep the usual clichés—it can significantly uplift your shoppers' mood. 

Such a playlist not only spreads cheer among your customers, making their Christmas shopping experience more enjoyable and memorable, but it does so without becoming overwhelming or too repetitive.

Playing music to… create a relaxing ambiance in your shop 

There is still quite some time left before the holiday season and perhaps you wish to play music for different purposes. For example, if you own a beauty salon or barber shop, you know that music is one of the ways to help your customers relax. 

But playing music is not just about creating a relaxing ambiance. It can also help you create a more memorable experience for your customers. If you have a salon that specialises in hair colouring, playing soft background music while they wait for their colour to set will help them forget about everything else and focus on the moment. This will make them feel much more relaxed when they leave your salon and even more likely to return. 

Playing music to… offer an upbeat unique experience 

What if your brand identity is focused more on offering an upbeat experience? Then you might consider playing pop music and including in your playlist music from the top 100 most popular hits in your country. 

Here is another thing to keep in mind. The volume you play your music at matters more than you imagine. You don't want your customers to feel overwhelmed by the music, right? So why play music at extremely high volume? The optimal volume is somewhere between 40 decibels, which would have your music playing softly in the background, and 64 decibels, which would be a little louder than a normal conversation.

Wrap up

Incorporating music playlists into your customer experience is like composing the perfect symphony for your brand. It's the creative touch that allows you to set the stage, captivate your audience, and leave them with a lasting impression. So, let the melodies flow and watch as your customer experience becomes a harmonious journey that keeps them coming back for more!

Did we convince you to try out the background music feature offered by MagicINFO? You can schedule a meeting with one of our consultants to see how you can level up your digital signage game.

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