Here’s how the new MagicINFO Ruleset works

10 August 2020

Thanks to the launch of the latest version MagicINFO, V8, new features got unlocked! There are multiple features that V8 offers that V7 didn’t and the Ruleset is one of them. In this blog we will cover the Ruleset to see what it does and how it can work for your organization.


The Ruleset can be seen as a more detailed version of the playlist option. However, within the Ruleset you can set very specific goals and triggers so that the Ruleset will only apply to the criteria selected by you.


Curious how the Ruleset works and want to get inspiration on what it can do for your organization? Check out the video below.



Joey Mensen

About the author: Joey Mensen

Joey Mensen is working in marketing and sales at ScreenCom and MagicInfo Services. His passion is helping people by providing them with the solution that suits them best. He helps people by writing clear yet technical blogs and recording video’s where he explains the software. Next to that, he is keeping a close eye on the digital trends and innovations.