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Digital signage at festivals - A beginner’s guide

Digital signage at festivals - A beginner’s guide
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Digital signage has become an indispensable technology in the world of festivals, revolutionizing the way information is conveyed, enhancing attendee experiences, and optimizing event operations. In this article, we will explore the top uses and compelling reasons to integrate digital signage at festivals. By the end, you will understand the transformative power of this technology and its potential to elevate your festival to new heights.

Top uses of digital signage at concerts

Previously we talked about the types of digital signage at event venues, we recommended you check the piece if you are interested in learning about the different hardware solutions on the market. Here we’ll focus on the uses and reasons to choose the technology for festivals. 

Concerts are one of the most popular forms of entertainment at festivals, and digital signage plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall concert experience for both artists and attendees. Let's dive into some of the top uses of digital signage at concerts and how it can amplify the impact of the performances: 

Display show details and navigation for guests

One of the key uses of digital signage at concerts is to provide essential information to guests. From lineup changes to stage schedules and other vital updates, digital signage ensures that attendees are well-informed throughout the event. Moreover, with the integration of advanced navigation features, digital signage can guide visitors to specific areas, such as stages, food stalls, or restrooms, making their festival experience seamless and enjoyable.

Safety and emergency notifications

Safety is a top priority at festivals, and digital signage can play a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of attendees. By leveraging a network of displays strategically placed throughout the festival grounds, event organizers can swiftly communicate safety instructions and emergency updates on time. This enables efficient crowd management and enhances overall security protocols, giving festival-goers peace of mind.

Interaction and engagement

Festivals are all about creating memorable experiences, and digital signage provides a dynamic platform for interaction and engagement. Through social media integrations, attendees can actively participate in the festival's online community, sharing their experiences, photos, and videos. For example, you can streamline your digital signage on YouTube with MagicINFO. This fosters a sense of community and amplifies the festival's reach beyond the physical boundaries, making it an unforgettable event for all.

Seeing the performers

At large festivals with multiple stages, it can be challenging for attendees to catch all their favorite performers. Digital signage comes to the rescue by broadcasting live performances to the entire audience, ensuring that no one misses out on the excitement. By strategically placing displays near different stages, attendees can enjoy a glimpse of performances happening simultaneously and make informed choices about which shows to attend.

Collect feedback from attendees

Feedback from attendees is invaluable for improving future festivals. Digital signage can be utilized as a tool to gather feedback in real time. By integrating interactive features, such as surveys or voting systems, festival organizers can gather valuable insights from the audience and make data-driven decisions to enhance future events.

Display thank-you messages at the exits

Expressing gratitude is a powerful way to leave a lasting impression on attendees. As festival-goers make their way to the exits, digital signage can display thank-you messages, showcasing appreciation for their presence and support. This personal touch not only creates a positive association with the festival but also encourages attendees to share their experiences with others.

Sponsor and partner promotion

Digital signage offers a fantastic opportunity for sponsors and partners to promote their brands during festivals. Through the use of QR codes and interactive ads, sponsors can engage directly with attendees, driving brand awareness and generating new leads. This win-win situation allows sponsors to reach their target audience effectively while contributing to the festival's revenue stream.

Reasons to use digital signage at festivals

Digital signage brings many benefits to festivals, making it a wise investment for event organizers. Let's explore the list of compelling reasons why incorporating digital signage at your festival can make a significant impact: 

Grab attendees' attention

In a crowded and bustling festival environment, grabbing attendees' attention is crucial. Digital signage offers eye-catching visuals, vibrant colors, and dynamic content that naturally draw the eye. By leveraging captivating graphics and engaging animations, digital signage becomes a powerful tool to captivate and entice festival-goers, ensuring that your messages and promotions stand out amidst the excitement.

Reduce paper waste

Traditional methods of distributing printed schedules, maps, and brochures not only incur significant costs but also contribute to environmental waste. Digital signage offers a sustainable alternative to OOH by eliminating the need for excessive paper usage. 

By displaying information digitally, you reduce paper waste, lower printing expenses, and demonstrate your commitment to eco-conscious practices, aligning your festival with the values of attendees who prioritize sustainability. We encourage you to read our piece about digital signage sustainability if you are curious to learn more about the topic.

Generate new revenue streams

Digital signage opens up new revenue streams for festivals through advertising and sponsorship opportunities. By partnering with brands and local businesses, you can display their ads on digital signage, creating a platform for targeted marketing and exposure. Additionally, you can offer interactive experiences or gamified content that encourages attendees to engage with sponsors, further enhancing the value and return on investment for your partners.


To leverage the transformative power of digital signage at festivals and unlock its full potential with MagicINFO, book a meeting with our experts today. Our team of experienced MagicINFO professionals will guide you through the process and help you create an unforgettable festival experience for all attendees.

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